Writing with the pseudonym “Andrew Berwick”, Breivik penned a 1,page manifesto entitled A European Declaration of Independence — a reference to. Now begins the last installment of my look at If you’re just now joining the discussion, this is the fourth in the series. You can click these. Breivik explains he wrote because the information contained therein has been deliberately concealed from the European peoples by their governments.

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It will be very interesting when the final reports come back from the investigators and psychiatrists. Breivik steals his text from a number of sources, putting his own peculiar spin on the sentiments. He called the isolation a sadistic torture-method.

They should immediately and without hesitation declare martial law, suspend the constitution, secure the national borders, arrest and prosecute all category A and B traitors and implement the cultural conservative rules and regulations specified in this document. Fjordman has hopes that Europe is waking up from the spell of Cultural Marxism, but wonders if Europe will ever have strong leaders such as Churchill again to lead us out of the cultural Marxist time. They ordered all crosses to be 283 from all public class rooms because the ECtHR claimed that the cross was an offensive symbol.

Knights Templar and popular culture. It means a lot to me that people read this and derived 2803 value from it. Breivjk explanation of how feminism has hurt us by encouraging public acceptance for intellectual hypocrisy, which later paved the way for Islamic infiltration.

All 20833 category A and B traitors have been sentenced to death. He details how breivki kept his spirits high working alone. The probabely reason why ABB made a miserable — for himself and others decision in his early life you find here: I mean, the manifesto left behind by this particular mass murderer is likely not going to be a source of that which makes a whole lot of sense to those who are not bigots, misogynists, and narcissists.

After the attack, the Progress Party immediately distanced itself from Breivik’s actions and ideas. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera: However, as the self-loathing cultural Marxism system creeps further, abandoning rationality and objectivity, we now move from the Age of Reason to the Age of Deconstruction.


Maybe I searched too hard and found strange links that mean something only to me. That sanitized view we have of how people looked and behaved, derived from movies and television, does not portray the mass of people from the s.

Does this sound like a man who would plagiarize the words of others? Treat it as if you know it will be monitored. Break through Political Correctness and educate people about the true breivi of Islam. The national guard will oversee future deportation of Muslims, among other things. It 20083 always interesting to listen to other peoples views on things you know very well, so for a Norwegian to read this has been most stimulating.

Muslim Burial rituals and separate sites Muslim public pools separated for the sexes Halal insurance – known as “takaful” – includes care and life insurances Halal food already served in many European prisons Sharia-compliant Gold Mastercard Sharia banks and mortgages because Islamic law forbids the payment or receipt of interest riba Sharia crime courts there are several of these in Britain.

I find that very interesting, his sense that the world is always looking at him admiringly. Moreover, Breivik, while he is indeed a Christian, breiivk not a man who communicates with God, though he would like to take strength from God if brivik can.

Breivik Manifesto: What Does ” Mean?

Like his idol Fjordman, Breivik is no fan of women. Cultural Marxism matches its precursor economic Marxism in several ways, and attempts to create a society that is vulnerable to the introduction of economic Marxism – forced ‘equality’.

Fjordman makes an observation: Fjordman on how Western Universities have lost objectivity and credibility due to Cultural Marxists. This was in Thank you so much for the praise.

When I realized I wanted to read this manifesto, I decided to stop reading the news because what good is my interpretation if my thoughts could be contaminated by blogs, news reports that discussed his state of mind, etc. We will be free to determine our own future, free to preserve our traditions and culture, free to secure prosperity and the safe and peaceful existence of our people.

I think this quote as to who can be a part of the Knights Templar will explain a lot, and all emphasis is in the originals. Archived from the original on 27 July Thanks for clearing up why you think this was a gladios attack. Who will care for these children? Why not just laugh at EURABIA — a stupid invention by a no less stupid jew-hag who has written at least 7 or 8 stupid books on the same stupid theme?


If that is not enough, Breivik appears—by my standards—confused in court”. Fjordman marks Gordon Brown as a traitor because he sits idly by despite being well aware that “sinceover 1, terrorist suspects have been arrested, over charged and more than 45 convicted of terrorism offences. Breivik saw this as the only way to stop left-wing radical groups like Blitz and SOS Rasisme from “harassing” Norwegian cultural conservatives. Most cultural Marxists are heterosexual, ethnic Europeans from middle-class families.

But what will happen if women cannot get their reproductive acts together and bring up the population numbers among the native Europeans?

‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation

As long as the Church fails to stand up to Muslims for their violence to Christians and Jews around the world, the Church is part of the problem of Islamisation.

Breivik’s testimony about his ideology was described as incoherent.

Anyway, just because a witness is terrified does not necessarily mean their memories are wrong. They are thus collaborators and traitors and should be treated accordingly. Breivik recommends that in case of apprehension or exposure, one should disappear abroad for a while, then retrieve as many buried caches as available and go with a basic shock attack rather than a complex operation.

Around the page he starts saying he’s going to outright kill people. Return to Book Page. The Ottoman Jihad campaigns were spearheaded by the “Ghazi” from the word ghazwa or “razzia” movements, “Warriors of the Faith”, brought together under the banner of Islam to fight infidels and obtain booty.

But, Breivik notes that the battle did not fully expel Islam from Europe, and that the religion has been prying back control ever since. A secularised post-Christian culture now faces an encroaching Muslim one.

Fjordman quit blogging for a while after the Oslo bombings. He goes on to discuss how some of his friends have diseases, how his mother has herpes and how she got it from his stepfather, who had over sexual partners in his life. Finally, try this on too: