“Durwan” is a word comprised of Urdu, Hindi and Persian roots. According to Oxford Dictionary, it means a porter or doorkeeper, yet in many cases, like Boori. A Real Durwan tells the tale of a 64 year old live in doorkeeper who trudges up and down the stairs keeping them clean with her reed broom that never leaves. “Yet there was a day were my feet touched nothing but marble.” (A Real Durwan, Boori Ma). Boori Ma is thinking about back when she used to.

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Taken from her Interpreter of Maladies collection dirwan story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and from the beginning of the story the reader realises that Lahiri may be exploring the theme of struggle. If anything she is a resilient woman determined to make it through each day regardless of the circumstances she might find herself in.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. He spent her time in the let alone after her household works. Sign in Recover your password. Dalal was a resident of the flat building. But after a long run his fortune smile on him when his distributors Profit had doubled and the distributor was going to open the second branch in Burdwan.

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The Real Durwan by Emma Shelton on Prezi

He comes to the conclusion that the building needs a real durwan to keep their valuables safe. When Boori Ma protests,the residents continue to accuse her because of all her former unreliable stories. When the residence of the flat building decided to renovate some had to Bater stack of a wedding bracelets, another had to pawn her sewing machine and to sell back a set of pudding bowls. Unfortunately, life for Boori Ma does not end well as she looses her job, home and life savings.


If anything Boori Ma has been incorrectly judged by those in the building.

However it is noticeable that Boori Ma does not allow durwab to be defeated. The important thing to remember is that Boori Ma seems to have aspirations for a better life. Dalal assures Boori Ma that she has not forgotten her promise of renewed bedding. They had to cook in kerosene oil. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Then he proposed that as the building was renovated, they needed a real durwan. Boori Ma is introduced as a refugee victim of the Partition, the event that led to the creation of Pakistan from India.

Though there was nothing to steal from the apartments, the residents were comforted by her presence.

Unable to sweep, Boori Ma keeps to her roof, keeping an eye on her dwindling set of newspapers and wondering when she had her last glass of tea. In A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri we have the theme of struggle, conflict, responsibility, jealousy, aspirations and resilience.

Even to cook they used coal or kerosene.

Dalal was skillful worker. After getting a job as a durwan, the author made it seem that life would gradually improve for Boori Ma despite her hardships. As she sweeps, her raspy voice details the losses she reall suffered because of Partition.

The second floor vido Mrs Misra was the only one with a telephone. It might also be xurwan noting that Mr Dalal also promises to buy Boori Ma a new blanket.

Thus his hours of filling dyrwan for a distributor of rubber tubes and pipes had ended. Dalal stood on third floor. The women commiserate and Mrs. Notify me of new posts by email. Boori Ma talks again about her lost comforts — such comforts Mrs. No one of this particular flat building on much worth stealing. She is an easy target for the residents. She was separated from her husband, two daughters, and home.


A Real Durwan by Jhumpa Lahiri

The fact that Boori Ma talks about how her life used to be might also be important as Lahiri may be highlighting the fact that Boori Ma aspires for a return of the comforts that she once had. When she did not have to struggle. Instead of being moved by the gesture, the residents of the building are awash in resentment. Dalal, who has a soft spot for Boori Ma, comes to the roof to dry lemon peels.

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She routed away any suspicious person with a few slaps of her broom. She feels a tug at the end of her sari and finds her purse and skeleton keys gone. It is the sorry tale of Boori ma, a refugee in Calcutta after Partition.

When the basins from the stairwell was stolen they irritationally accused Boori maa for abetting the theft. Boori maa an increasingly frail year-old woman, is the durwan live-in doorkeeper to an apartment building of Calcutta.

Something he does not have to do.

The Sitting Bee, 29 Apr. Yet symbolically Lahiri may be suggesting that Mr Chatterjee is blind to what is happening. In a bid to give the building a face lift they throw Boor ma out along with her boxes and baskets.