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Does anyone know the likelihood of getting a bad one if it’s untested or what value is sensible for the hfe, or the effect of different hfe values with regard to a Fuzz effect pedal?

AC128 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Message 10 of dataasheet No abstract text available Text: If you buy lots, you’ll start to notice that they have holes in the gain ranges usually around the middle of the speced range from when they were picked over for their original uses. Right now the semiconductors today are almost silicon based.

Consideringchoices of transistor types that they often design circuits to fit transistors, rather than vice versa. I can’t believe it!! Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. There are links in the sidebar, but i’ve sc128 all them and they don’t tell you how to find Ge transistors in bulk.


ac germanium pnp transistor | All About Circuits

The transistoor really only two options to source them. They are manufactured with a 0. Germanium transistors have been out of datazheet and valuable to pedal builders for a long long time. See, here’s the thing: Hi Stoopkid, it’s a while ago now but just wondering if you made the circuit, how it sounded and what you used in the end I’ve bought two lots of Russian Ge transistors and both have been on the extreme low end of specs. You gave me some good topics to google and learn about.

Yes, my password is: On the board I used there’s one trimmer for Q1 but none for Q2, so if I want to play with the bias I have to change a resistor, so I socketed that one. I don’t have a signal generator at home so I can’t reproduce the frequency, but when I modified the rest of the parameters my MP39B transistors read higher than when I had tested them on the geofex circuit.

In the Model Maker dialog, I modified the parameters as follows. Quote of the day.

Multisim and Ultiboard

Fuzz simulation – Ge Transistor. Accelerometer Demo running on 8-bit S08 Dahasheet in data averaging mode. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Parameter ‘VJC’ must be greater than zero doAnalyses: RCA H Abstract: Not a lot higher, but at least in spec. Thanks for getting back to me so quick. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to achieve. Pnp transistor Posted by Peter basolo in forum: We should start a FAQ to collect all this info in one place. Picking transistors for FF Clones.


R e ctifiers section. Submit a new link.

AC Datasheet PDF –

For a typical Ge transistor, the ON voltage ranges from 0. Dec 20, 10, 1, That was a lot of good information and i appreciate you taking the time to write all that out.

Try some 2N transistors from Radio Shack. Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by stoopkidAug 8, I don’t know if that’s commonly understood, but I wasn’t aware. Looking for troubleshooting help? High gain low leakage low noise germanium transistors are practically unicorns now.

The present state of the electronics art permits many of the transistor parameters. Aug 9, 5. All i know is the lots i bought didn’t specify the Hfe like the one you linked to. Aug 9, 8. Still you might get lucky or find the right seller, but beware, it’s rough out there.

Now that we’ve heard from datxsheet man who has never worked with a distortion circuit, we can proceede.