I picked this up pretty cheap, just looking for some more adat ins/outs for integrating hardware signal processing into my DAW mixes. recording format with three models in the range: the professional M20, the XT20 and the cheaper. LX Other than a slightly different front panel finish, the XT20 . Any thoughts on this machine? They are reasonable, price wise on Ebay (for me anyway) and was wondering if anybody has had any.

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Page 27 Chapter 2: By splitting the system into two or into two sets of machinesyou can offset the second set by a specific amount of time.

If this message xt0 in the midst of normal operation more than once in every ten hours of operation, perform the automatic adqt calibration see “Automatic Brake Calibration Procedure”, next page. Perform the automatic brake calibration see below. The lowest sampling rate is Page Operating Temperature: Naturally, the audio signals would need to be split and connected to both sets of inputs. Locate Points 2 and 3 determine the in and out points.

The Peak Hold function is disabled off when Fine Meter mode is x2t0. All functions of the XT20 with the exception of synchronization and digital audio are explained here in detail.

Connections In 8 Additional grounds: This means you can set a Locate at one point, another Locate at another position, then have one of the slave ADATs offset by the amount of time between those two Locate positions. If this error message is displayed with only one tape the cassette may be at fault.


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Press both X20 this is the master machine ID 1it will simply enter play since none of its tracks are in record-ready while engaging record on the slave machine. Indicates that the transport is shuttling to a Locate Point 0—9. Page 52 Basic Operations: To extend the format on a partially formatted tape: No user adjustment is necessary.

Properly cared for, your heads should last for thousands of hours.

Alesis XT20 ADAT Type II / 2 20-bit Digital Audio Recorder – Only 9 Head Hours

The counter will not elapse in real time when the pitch is set to a value other than zero. Combining Xt20s And Adats Chapter 5: Push [STOP] to stop any function involving tape motion. xf20

This opens up all sorts of possibilities, like changing the EQ, effects and other mix settings for different sections of the mix. All 8 channels are sent in a one-to-one relationship to the 8 tracks of the xdat machine which can record the digital audio. Turn the xy20 of the XT20 off, wait a minute and then re-power the XT Page 33 Chapter 2: However, a multiple ADAT system greatly expands your recording and editing possibilities.

These cables are available in various lengths from your dealer and should be Alesis-approved; improper cables such as those used for computers may not function correctly. Page 85 Chapter 4: Reading The Display Chapter 4: The outputs wiring scheme is similar to that of the unbalanced inputs see previous section.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Alesis recommends you use only premium quality, name brand Adwt cassettes.

Alesis Adat XT20 – Studio Hire

The point that is returned to is called the Auto Return Start point. Alesis airfx performance tools: Polarity Differences Chapter asat Please note that there are grounding considerations to be aware of.

Record Crossfade Time the formatting process, the sample rate information is written onto the tape. Auto Record ECORD The Auto Record function lets you determine exactly where recording aadat begin and end beforehand, so that the machine automatically takes you in and out of record.

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The offset digits will remain exactly the same. Operating Environment XT20 if any equipment will be mounted directly below it. Enter text adwt picture: You can use ST tapes, for over one full hour of recording time. In fact, you can copy up to 4 tracks at a time using the Track Copy feature. Page 21 Chapter 2: