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Provide technical assistance to the commander, evaluators, and CSS, when necessary. This option can be used to re-test the officer at the 43d day after scoring below 75 on the fitness assessment. If the rater is a senior rater, the report must close out at this level unless it is a referral report.

Do not make prohibited and or inappropriate comments. Performs at a higher level than most of their peers, far exceeds standards and expectations, unique performer. Forms that are not digitally signed will require the date to be handwritten. Significant discrepancies and administrative errors can be addressed at this time, and corrected if agreed by all parties, before the report becomes a matter of record. Abbreviations may be expanded for clarity. Once a digital signature is applied, the comments and ratings are locked and cannot be changed, in addition, the digital signatures cannot be deleted.

They must return reports with unsupported or inappropriate statements for additional information or reconsideration of ratings. Performs below established standards, requires improvement. An AF Form 77 can be added if additional space is required. C Example Table 3.


Officer Performance Report

When typing information into the form, you will have to end typing at the end of each line and manually place the cursor on the next line to continue typing.

Provides space to comment on each performance factor. Do not sign before previous evaluators. If an evaluator is also a functional examiner, then they sign in both blocks. C Example Flight Commander Table 3. As a minimum, this review must ensure: Routing procedures will only be specified for routing the form after the final signature is supplied by the ratee. The new form has digital signature capability.

This includes personnel on indeterminate day deployment billets. See AFIparagraph 3.

Ratee forwards digitally signed report back to the rater. Hard Copy Routing Procedures. Local procedures will be developed for internal routing of the evaluations, ensuring Privacy Act restrictions are in place. Rater will indicate the type of feedback in Section II.

Enter information as of close-out date. Signing the report does not imply concurrence, but acknowledgement. Also see Note Unit will be notified via CMS. Elimination of the assessment bar scale. See Notes 8 and 17 Table 3. Additional raters may be no higher in the organization than the senior rater. Referral Report Section XI. Job Description has been shortened from 6 to 4 lines and will be in bullet format.

The report can be referred on the form itself. Reviewers assigned on or prior to close-out date, enter information as of the close-out date; if 707h after the close-out date, enter the information as of the date signed.


Do not use this section to enter a second organization if the officer is filling a dual-hatted role. This new form incorporates the following changes: Returns reports to unit for corrections, as necessary.

See Note 16 for disagreements. See Note 17 for referral reports.

Implementation Instructions For New OPR & PFW

Fitness is now one of the Performance Factors being considered. You may mention previous jobs held during the reporting period only if it impacts the evaluation. The digital signature feature of this block is independent of other digital signatures on the form. For initial feedback, the rater will mark the Initial Feedback block under each standard of performance and provide comments on their expectations.

If feedback was not performed, an explanation must be provided. Do not suspense or require raters to submit a completed evaluation with their signature on it to the next evaluator in the rating chain any earlier than five duty days after the close-out date. Limit text to four lines. Remarks about community involvement and additional duties are appropriate, as are recommendations to select for continuation, indefinite reserve status, future job assignments, or the next level of PME.

The placement of comments not specified in this MPFM, may be placed here.