The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal (formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot) is famous for its contrast. It does not get more Rodinal than works together with former Agfa scientists on all Agfa-replacement you have used Agfa Rodinal* before. Rodinal is a classic developer–some would say the classic developer–that features fine grain and high acutance, perfect for use with Arista, Ilford and Foma .

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It is not uncommon for photographers to add a solvent such as sodium sulfite to soften the granularity. Discussion in ‘ Minox ‘ started by mtc photographyJul 7, Fill in your details below or click an icon rodihal log in: I’ve recently been experimenting with Rodinal and Plus-X at rated box speed because my tank requires constant agfs – an old Rondinax one the development times and contrast for various dilutions are quite removed from most online charts. Fotohuis RoVoMay 4, Pros and Cons of Agfa Rodinal?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Rodinal was patented January 27, rdinal Dr. By diluting it according to requirements, you can match Adonal to any black and white negative film regardless of contrast.

Rodinal / Adonal

Which is a big plus in an apartment! Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Tried and true, even for a newbie In full disclosure this is the first and only developer I have used and I have only developed a few rolls of film with it, so I cannot give an expert experience-based review of this developer compared to others on the market. One anecdote relates that a bottle of Rodinal, found in the ruins of a building in Germany after the World War II blitz, was perfectly usable after 30 years!


Years ago, people used to use Kodak recording film when they needed a fast speed – this was prone to base fog, but Rodinal worked very well with it.

See any errors on this page? Compensating developer At the high dilution of 1: Also does rodjnal allow pushing the exposure, or should one stick with the rated film speed only? Retrieved 17 March I aquired some Rodinal Special from the UK to try out. I suggest you just keep experimenting until you find a combination you particularly like with a film you intend to use long term. Available for in-Store pickup only. Product Description The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal formerly Agfa Rodinal, now sold as Adox Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot is famous for its contrast control and flexibility.

Rodinal – – The free camera encyclopedia

Extreme dilutions can be used for special purposes: I am yet to do any big prints, but from my scans I like what I see as mentioned they are grainy Im not a hater of grain. Rodinal continues to perform perfectly regardless of the color of the solution, and is the ideal product to keep on your shelf if you often find your usual developer is exhausted.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Both these developing manipulations should produce corresponding negatives with tonal ranges which have a ratio of 1: Negatives within this contrast ratio will produce good prints without manipulation and show a black, white and a balanced scale of grays in between. Adox hired many of the technicians responsible for Agfa chemicals and recreated the formulation thereby bottling it in their own factory.


I suspect this is what a lot of the negative feedback related to, it’s not for everyone. Also depending how you use it you can seriously use it for over a year. Adox sold godinal as Adolux APH Rodina, can control the grain by keeping the developing temperature not above 20C and with a minimum of agitation.

Also, the well-known German company Hans O. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Be the first to review this item. When you want to change something, change only one thing at a time, i. It seems everybody’s experience varies. My personal experience is that Rodinal works best with slow films I often use it with Efke ISOand in extreme dilutions with faster films like 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rodinal also does not give full box speed with modern films – if you expose a roll of say Tri-X at ISO and develop for this, this is in fact push processing and contrast will rise and may become excessive, giving hard-to-print negatives if people say they hate Rodinal, it could be because this has happened with their films.

No more big jugs taking up space!

Agfa Rodinal Special is BACK !!! | Photography Forums

Just use the previous data. MTC PhotographyOct 6, Foma sold it as Fomadon R09 for bottles made before Share This Page Tweet.

Grain is overrated – it is part of 35mm photography and agca not make or break a good image. Please check your local sales tax laws.