The Agony and the Ecstasy () is a biographical novel of Michelangelo Buonarroti written by American author Irving Stone. Stone lived in Italy for years. Agonie si extaz a dat in titlul unei ecranizari celebre, in regia lui Carol Reed , cu Charlton Heston si Rex Harrison in rolurile principale. Romanul Agonie si. Get this from a library! Agonie și extaz. [Irving Stone].

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This world, and story, became so repetitive that I considered putting it down more than once and not continuing.

The most spiritual were those who believed in Christ but ignored His teachings. See all 4 questions about Agonie si extaz…. I did think the language was beautiful, and even when it was a little difficult to keep up with the sections which explained sculpting and frescoing — the tool making, choosing the stone, prepping the plaster, etc.

Anthony Metivier I personally wouldn’t call it that, but it is epic in the sense that it goes into detail. When I came across this book on the Classics shelf at the Waikiki library, I was surprised.

I feel that the information could have been condensed into a much smaller and more interesting book. Perhaps this is the norm when writing biographical novels, either way it was very confusing and frustrating and added nothing to whatever story was being formed. For me the best part was reading about the Medici family, and not Michelangelo who was sort of a one-dimensional firecracker of a guy who just loved I’m a sucker for historical fiction, so even though this fictional story of the life of Michelangelo was pretty dated, melodramatic, long, and goofy, I still kind of liked it.

I learned a lot about his artwork, but felt like the descriptions of Michelangelo’s life were weak and often characterized as stony and as though he was still carving marble in the conversation. Stone’s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1+2) by Irving Stone (2 star ratings)

I am so glad I finished this book. Try it out for yourself tho. I only kept reading because the chronological account of Michelangelo’s works along with the basic history of Rome and Florence did help me weave the two together. However it was very flowery to the point where it was silly. It was a beast. It could be my pregnancy rxtaz but I was confused at a few points and have some questions that I’ll have to google.


Agonie si extaz (volumul 1+2) by Irving Stone (1 star ratings)

Stone clearly has a deep love of renaissance art and the books best moments are when he’s describing Michelangelo’s art, the authorial intentions, and what sets it apart from what came before. The answer to that question is: Ema rated it it was amazing Aug 02, It goes into so much detail about what he must have been thinking when carved each piece, good book to learn about art interpretation.

A deeper understanding of Michelangelo is neither boring nor confusing but instead gives a more precise explanation for his interest avonie the human body, muscle and flesh, passion, death, intense joy, melancholy, stone, resurrection, and other ideas left untouched by his contemporaries.

Certainly not worth reading again, and if you have a short attention span, not worth your time at all.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1+2)

A gf and I bought this book and planned to read it agonue, and both of us had an impossible time getting thru the first pgs. This book is very reach in historical details.

I read something on Caravaggio awhile back and was left with the same feeling after xi through that. He’s seemingly indefatigable in finding new ways to describe the art of marble carving, and even if this sometimes leads to excruciatingly purple prose, you have to admire his dedication.

And yes, I learned all sorts of things about Rome, history, Popes, art, Michelangelo, etc. It takes an interesting historical period and turns it into card board cut-outs.

But it took me nearly pages which took me 3 weeks, and I was only reading this book! Am volumul 2 in brate care prezinta perioada premergatoare lui David. So I stopped trusting Irving Stone. Not to find out the ending, but to be finished with the book.

Agonie si extaz (volumul 1)

Acest lucru i-a permis sa-l inteleaga mai bine pe Michelangelo, al carui geniu oglindit n pictura, desen, sculptura, arhitectura si literatura a reusit sa il surprinda magistral in? Stone lived in Italy for years visiting many of the locations in Rome and Florence, worked in marble quarries, and apprenticed himself to a marble sculptor.

Based on the notes in the afterward Stone seems to have done his homework in consulting the available sources, even comissioning the translation of michelangelo’s letters into english. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Stone enjoyed a long marriage to his wife and editor on many of his works, Jean Stone. This is all very rich in details to a point that I put the book away.


You do have to treat it more as fiction it won an award for a fiction exgaz, not as a non-fiction book so ai is to be taken with a grain of salt.

I chose the book to read with one of the Goodreads groups, but seemed to be the only one reading. I couldn’t differentiate between the fictional aspects of his life and the non-fictional and wasn’t sure how the context in which the agonid was written would color my perception of the artist. A superficial yet tedious book relying on completely out of date scholarship even for made completely unbearable by its pulp romantic gestures.

This changes as the books progress, and the cast of characters becomes a lot of grouchy, political old men who manipulate and allow themselves to be manipulated. I picked up this book at a used book sale because both the author and the title rang a bell in my mind and perhaps I had missed a literary gem at extsz point in my education. Often events that seemed to extqz no rhyme or reason, and were not connected in anyway to anything, other than well documented history.

It is only for those who would be miserable without it. Paganism was extzz present. I’m guilty of always thinking that if a book i Totally boring! I actually finished this book as less of a Michelangelo fan. When at home, Stone relied upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler, head research librarian of the University of California at Los Angeles, to whom he dedicated and thanked, in addition to many others, in several of his works.

This book is fun to read the way that Clash of the Titans original is fun to watch – as high camp.

It will cost you your life.