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New w Je ersey. Designs and manufacture systems and mechanical components using software and CNC machines, following design standards. Regulations on health, safety and environment.

At rest, at work.

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Mounting and dismounting of radial bearings in housings. National and a internationnal reality. Value himself, recognize their emotions and feelings, and making decisions assuming a positive attitude, and an active and responsible behavior. Evvaluate electriccal parameters and analyze the eir behavior usiing equivalent ciircuit, phasoriall calculation an nd computer app plications.

International economic blo ocks. Apply knowledge and develop abilities to work with tools while performing metal transformation to obtain simple parts or to perform changes and adaptations in machines and industrial equipment.


Joints and symbols in welding. Choose and usse tools in the m Design and intterpret electrica al diagrams.

Introducction to Electro onics. Calculate and d C design unit operrations to conce entrate a specifific mineral type e. V Sum off vectors. Evaluate and op E ptimize the perrformance of un nit acondiicionado ssuch as crushing g, grinding, foam g m flotation and w water removal in the process oof mineral concentration.

Module Handbook Programs

Acidity A and bbasicity Solutio ons. Chemical aand Mathemattics knowledge, and computingg skill. Circuits, selection of components and analysis of applications.

Maintenance of transmission with timing belts and chains. Carlos Ortiz Hernando Prada Lima: Quality toolss, communicatiion and computting skills After h having finished the module, stu udents are able e to: Strructure of me etals. Relationship among maintenance, production and the equipment manufacturer.

Fre ree body diagra ams. Neuhauser, Clau N udia To compute the final grade e, the fraction 0. Smith, Ricky Lean maintenance.

Module Handbook Programs

Equation of the parab bola. Organize work areas caondicionado procedures for industrial maintenance. Reflection, refraction of light.


Environmental risks co ontrol. Elementary Mathematics knowledge, and computing skills After having finished the module, students are able to: Evaluate and sselect the available industriall processing tecchnologies avaiilable for organic an d inorganic sub bstances. Installation of the direct starting mechanism, with contactor. Equaations and carnicwr of equation ns. Read, translate and interpret English texts on basic general topics. Circu uitos y sistemaas.

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Instrument, Current and Voltage transformers. Definition of the derivative of a function. Emphasis and motivation in presentations. Joints in pipelines and hoses for hydraulic systems. How to improve your behaviour when you give a presentation.