AISC 360-05 PDF

Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ) – March 9, Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ). Note: Although the ANSI/AISC version of the code officially replaces the ANSI/AISC code, this latter remains available in the. You want to design steel members according American code ANSI-AISC Is it available in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis?.

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The definitions of h and t have been added to this section.


Advanced Methods of Analysis No changes have been made to this section. Size and 360-5 of Holes The conditions under which a single hardened washer conforming to ASTM F shall be used in lieu of the standard washer and its associated User Note have been moved to this section.

A user note has been added stating that using notional loads can create additional fictitious base shears and overturning moments.

As such, these limitations have been moved from Section C2. Two new user notes have been added to the Chapter K preamble: Combined Tension and Shear in Slip-Critical Connections The variable for the number of bolts carrying the applied tension in a slip- critical connection, Nb, has been changed to nb.

Also aidc is a statement that the approximate method of second-order analysis is permitted as an alternative to rigorous second-order analysis. The organization of this appendix remains the same, with the exception of the addition of Section 6. Filled Composite Members The provisions for steel anchor detailing for filled composite members have been moved from Section I2.

The chapter organization remains the same except for the addition of Section K4. Leg Local Buckling No changes have been made to this section. Direct Bond Interaction This new section 360-0 equations for force aics in filled rectangular and round steel sections by direct bond interaction.


This section also specifies that the quality assurance agency shall submit inspection reports and nondestructive testing reports to the AHJ, EOR or owner as well as the fabricator and erector. For open cross sections the minimum shear lag factor, U, has been changed from equal to or greater than 0. The following table shows the changes that have been made to the element descriptions and the case numbering in this table.

Field Painting No changes have been made to this section. Bolts in Combination with Welds No changes have been made to this section. Aisv thermal expansion may cause aosc concrete to spall or crack and may cause excessive stress in the embedment anchors. Cover Plates No changes ausc been made to this section.

The Specification stipulates 360-5 the ACI applies in addition to an applicable building code. This section now references Appendix 7 in addition to Chapter C, for the determination of the effective length factor, K. Tension Fasteners No changes have been made to this section. Strength of Elements in Flexure This section is new to the Specification.

ANSI/AISC 360-05 – Specification for Structural Steel Buildings

General Structural Integrity No changes have been made to this section. Compressive Strength The provisions of this section now specifically apply to axially loaded doubly symmetric encased composite members.

Unbraced Length for Moment Redistribution new section The contents of this section have been moved from Appendix 1, Section 1. Holes for Anchor Rods No changes have been made to this section.

Tensile Strength No changes have been made to this section. Added to this list includes stiffness reduction due to inelasticity and uncertainty in stiffness and strength.

This change is consistent with the reorganization 3660-05 Table J3. The Pe2 equation for moment frames which uses K2, has been removed. In addition, the Specification added a paragraph on field welding of attachments to installed embedments in contact with concrete. Effective Area No changes have been made to zisc section. The symbol representing aiscc bearing length of the load, measured parallel to the axis of the HSS member, N, has been changed to lb. The length of channel shear connector, Lc, has been changed to the length of channel anchor, la.


Relative Bracing No changes have been made to this section. The final limitation has been moved to this section from Section C2. Design for Stability No changes have been made to this section. The equation for Pe2 in the Specification has been changed as follows: Qualification Standards No changes have been made to this section.

ANSI/AISC Code check

Changing the Yield Strength aiec Steel. This user asc also states that the end connection should be designed to resist slip.

Access Hole NDT This new section specifies when quality assurance should test thermally cut surfaces of access holes using magnetic particle testing or penetrant testing. The definition for U and any terms associated with that symbol are also tabulated there.

Figures are for slip-critical bolted connections. Detailing Requirements Added to this section is a provision for the minimum distance from the center of an anchor to a free edge in the direction 3660-05 the shear force, which is 8 in. Dimensional Requirements No changes have been made to this section.

Design rules for T- Y- and cross-connections under branch axial load or bending are now included in the Specification. Simple Connections No changes have been made to this section. Yielding New sub-sections have been added to improve the organization of this section.