Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso. Stream or Download. 31 Inspiring Talks. Anger & Forgiveness, (Download MP3), 18MB. Contentment. With gentle humor and inspiring stories, Ajahn Brahm shared his profound insights about practice and how to live one’s life with respect, love and compassion. The latest Tweets from Ajahn Brahm Talks (@BrahmTalks). Buddhist talks and news from Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of Western Australia and abbot.

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May we pay gratitude to the blessed one on this day of Wesak for teaching the Dhamma that frees the bonded beings. He is currently working with monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions in the Australian Sangha Association.

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It is in the bad meditations that you do most of the work. It can be so strange, even weird, completely beyond whatever you expect. If tzlks locate the breath at the tip of your nose then it becomes nose awareness, not breath awareness, and if you locate it at your abdomen then it becomes abdomen awareness.

You may assess everything once the journey is over. It is the mind manifesting, it is not a light, but for most it appears like a light, it is perceived as a light, because this imperfect description is the best that perception can offer. This is why I teach the two preliminary stages of present moment awareness and silent awareness of the present moment as a solid preparation for deeper meditation on the breath.

You are not doing the meditation. If you consider just how unreliable memory is, then you do not put value on thinking about the past. Whilst still a junior monk, Ajahn Brahm was asked to undertake the compilation of an English-language guide to the Buddhist monastic code – the vinaya [18] – which later became the basis for monastic discipline in many Theravadan monasteries in Western countries.


The mind recognizes this stage to be a very peaceful and pleasant abiding, just being alone with the breath.

So train the mind on the beautiful breath, train it patiently and diligently, then when hrahm is time to go on to the nimitta, it is bright, stable and easy to sustain. They will be well worth the effort!

Peter Betts was born in London. This too shows that you have left the beautiful breath too early.

If you can understand that goal then the place to apply your effort, the means to achieve the goal becomes very clear. Some see a tqlks light, some a gold star, some a blue pearl… the important fact to know is that they are all describing the same phenomena.

Ajahn Brahm Dhamma Talk – The Happiness of Peace

It was his mission, [but] auahn of history his mission has been thwarted. Meditation is the way to achieve letting go. In Part 1I outlined the goal of this meditation, which is the beautiful silence, stillness and clarity of mind, pregnant with the most profound of insights.

Mon More Aspects of Meditation.

Ajahn Brahm

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. As for the ajanh, the anticipations, fears, plans, and expectations let all of that go too. The Inner Silence becomes what the mind inclines towards. If one guest comes in and you meet them and start talking to them about this that or the other, then you are not doing your duty of paying attention to the next guest that comes in the door.

It is achieved when one lets go of the body, thought, and the five senses including the awareness of the breath so completely that only the beautiful nimitta remains.

Ven Nissarano expounds on the eight ways of dealing with anger and hatred. The Buddha and Science. Retrieved 15 May Download MP3 25MB The main reason why the nimitta can appear dull is that the depth of contentment is too shallow. It would be marvellous for each one of us if we could abandon the inner speech and abide in silent awareness of the present moment long enough to realize how delightful it is. To Listen click the Play arrow below title. I came from a poor background, it was disadvantaged, but because of the fairness of the system I could, through the means of scholarships, go to a very good high school, and from [there] to a very good university.


Go back to the preliminary exercises! You place them in a coffin then bury it, or cremate it, and it is done with, finished.

In meditation one lets go of the complex world outside in order to reach the serene world inside. You begin to enjoy the silence, once you have found it at last, and that is why it grows. The mind seeks out silence constantly, to the point where it only thinks if it really has to, only if there is some point to it.

Careful patience is the fastest way. It was a very wonderful society and inculcated many values in me. The next moment might be the free one. On the First Friday Ajahn shares his experience and guide you to the deep state of bodyless mind and the happiness and joy of freedom enjoyable at the present moment, to teach you to relax and get a taste of this bliss of freedom. We are freeing ourselves of some of these concerns, perceptions and thoughts that limit us and which stop us from developing the peace born of letting go.