In high flood this great acreage of sand, shingle-beds, and willow-grown islands is almost topped by the water, but in normal seasons the bushes bend and. The Willows has ratings and reviews. Henry said: H. P. Lovecraft called The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood a great name by the way, the best. The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Willows, by Algernon Blackwood This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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I remember saying to myself that I was not dreaming. Both the narrator and the Swede see a strange otter-like creature floating down the river, turning over and over; shortly afterwards they see what looks like a boat being carried down the river at enormous speed, with algetnon man inside who seems to be shouting at them and making the sign of the cross.

Certainly they were not merely the moving tracery of the branches against the moonlight. Published in the early s as part of a collection of stories, H.

He had fallen against me, and was clutching me for support. At night we heard it bllackwood to the moon as we lay in our tent, uttering that odd sibilant note peculiar to itself and said to be caused by the rapid tearing of the pebbles along its bed, so great is its hurrying speed. I looked about me carefully, noting everything; the turned-over canoe; the yellow willowss — two of them, I’m certain; the provision sack and the extra lantern hanging together from the tree; and, crowding everywhere about me, enveloping all, the willows, those endless, shaking willows.

We’d better drag the canoe close to the tent, and be ready to start at a moment’s notice. If you received the work electronically, the person or entity providing it to you may choose to give you a second opportunity to receive the work electronically in lieu of a refund.

The Willows (story)

And we, in our rashness, had dared to invade it, even to make use of it! How, indeed, could it be otherwise, since it told us so much of its secret life? Using a minimalistic blakwood to casting and dialogue, he nonetheless was able to create a scene of almost photographic understanding and omniscience.

I near gave up hope.

Full text of “The Willows”

The situation called for a courage and calmness of reasoning that neither of us could compass, and I have never before been so clearly conscious of two persons in me — the one that explained everything, and the other that laughed at such foolish explanations, yet was horribly afraid.


His father was a Post Office administrator who, according to Peter Penzoldt, “though not devoid of genuine good-heartedness, had appallingly narrow religious blackwlod. There was no hanging bough; there was no rain or spray; slgernon approached.

My problem with the “story” has nothing to do with it, it has to do with what it is. Its thunder filled the air, and a fine spray made itself felt through my thin sleeping shirt.

However, xlgernon man appears to be warning them and ultimately crosses himself before hurtling forward on the river, out of sight. Mar 18, Maciek rated it really liked it Shelves: I sat there nervously wide awake as though I had not slept at all.

I found it impossible to control my movements. Their very ordinariness, I felt, masked what was willlows and hostile to us. Most ominous are the masses of dense, desultory, menacing willows, which “moved of their own will as though alive, and they touched, by some incalculable m Two friends are midway on a canoe trip down the Danube River.

It was full of tricks, too, in its early life before the great world knew it. The trees were swaying violently to and fro as the gusts smote them, but our little bit of williws canvas lay snugly safe in the hollow, for the wind passed over it without meeting enough resistance to make it vicious.

For thus, somehow, in the terms of the imagination, did my really indescribable sensations in this extraordinary place present themselves. The clouds were massed all over the sky, and no trace of moonlight came through.

Doomed, both men see, b,ackwood their eyes but don’t say a word to each other, they know nothing will save them in this remote isle.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

As the final result of too long a sojourn here, we should be carried over the border and deprived of what we called “our lives”, yet by mental, not physical, processes. Nor had it directly to do with the power of the driving wind–this shouting hurricane that might almost carry up a few acres of willows into the air and scatter them like so much chaff over the landscape. I at once set the pitch melting, and presently the Swede joined me at the work, though under the best conditions in the world the canoe could not be safe for traveling till the following day.


Then at length his breathing became regular and I heard unmistakable sounds of snoring — the first and only time in my life when snoring has been a welcome and calming influence. Now, pull yourself together a bit, and remember your own advice about not thinking fear! The blade was scraped down all over, beautifully scraped, as though someone had sand-papered it with care, making it so thin that the first vigorous stroke must have snapped it off at the elbow. For a short mile it was visible, pouring in and out among the islands, and then disappearing with a huge sweep into the willows, which closed about it like a herd of monstrous antediluvian creatures crowding down to drink.

I watched him surreptitiously all the time, and I had an idea he was watching me. They made me think of a host of beings from another plane of life, another evolution altogether, perhaps, all discussing a mystery known only to themselves.

I, meanwhile, am going to look up The Ghost Club something I found during the reading of this that Algernon Blackwood and also Charles Dickens were members of. Had we launched out in her without observing it we must inevitably have foundered. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat In these remote wilds, an eerie foreboding sets in that the protagonist conveys to the reader in elegant prose.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

He got rid of them by uttering them. At the moment we touched the body there rose from its surface the loud sound williws humming — the sound of several hummings — which passed with a vast commotion as of winged things in the air about us and disappeared upwards into the sky, growing fainter and fainter till they finally ceased blackwoov the distance.

Above, for a mile or two, I could see the great river descending upon me; it was like looking up the slope of a sliding hill, white with foam, and leaping up everywhere to show itself to the sun.