The manual is embedded in the build instructions for the various Align kits. This appears to come out of the manual. At least its identical to. i have just ordered an Align 3gx flybarless control unit but i can’t find any instructions online anywhere as i like to usually download and print. Align 3Gx flybarless setup problem Electric Heli Talk. Registered User Without the 3Gx module in place, with servos connected directly to.

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Therefore, BEC output capability should be confirmed to handle burst current when setting collective pitch acceleration, otherwise insufficient current supply may result in flight accidents.

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Align 3gx pdf manual

Anti-torque To achieve consistent gyro gain on left and right, 3GX has built in anti-torque compensation function. After I swapped the 2.11 and purple wires, the servos behaved as they should.

Originally Posted by skizziks Abenn did you set your end points zlign travel on the 3GX? Abenn did you set your end points and travel on the 3GX?

Yep, the sats will blink fast whan you power the 3GX, zlign go out for a few seconds while binding and come back on solid. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.


Suitable for helicopter of all class from toglow engine or electric powered. Power on Futaba 10C 5. Originally Posted by bad What software, this software. You need to pick servo type before even connecting the servos or you have the potential to damage them.

Support with APS gyro system and bring up more functions for your helicopter. The recommended collective pitch range for various T-Rex helicopters is degress depending on preferenses.

There is a direct correlation between servos’ speed to gyro’s performance. For tail pitch adjustment, center the rudder servo by either setting the 3GX flybarless to normal rate mode non-heading lockor press and hold the SET button for 2 seconds. Proper frame rate must be selected based on your servo’s specifications.

Cool, I appreciate the help! Also you cant update the firmware with your transmitter lol. At least its identical to my manual that starts on 21 Se “Trottle Calibration” at the end.

With the rudder servo centered and servo horn at 90 degrees, adjust the linkage length until tail pitch slider aliyn centered on the tail output shaft. Then you remove the bind plug and power down. Microbeast or 3GX for Flybarless setup.


Push the transmitter rudder stick left or right to select the frame rate. Mostly for my own memory.

3GX manual – HeliFreak

Check if the rudder servo manuual applying correct compensation to the right. The good news is if its a Futaba S-bus receiver then it is capable of using s-bus and one wire to control the lot. Feb 05, Maybe our manuals are different: Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Jul 15, Password Please enter a password for your user account. Return to Electric Heli Talk. Confirm the transmitter is powered up, and throttle stick is at lowest 3gz.

The software is the manual. He was getting a bit defensive, suggesting I had some kind of mix in my transmitter, but I kept reminding him it behaved normally when connected direct to my receiver. Msnual throttle stick position where main pitch is 0 degree must be maintained.