My dad, Lido Vizzutti, taught me trumpet until I was . If you are struggling with a high note in the new piece, learn the music all around the. I got this book some weeks back, and while you still need a teacher and a lot of practice to get its full potential it for sure want hurt your high. upper-register playing, thereby serving as a guide enabling trumpet 23 Allen Vizzutti, High Notes for Trumpet (Village Place Music, ).

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The shorter sentences still remind me of the 3 elements in the first and longest mantra. Not warming up – minutes – always. I prefer not to get into a long winded explanation about the working fundamentals of trumpet playing and the intricate balance of elements needed to successfully make it all work….

Allen Vizzutti Official Website

Emotion and musicality blossom in this settting. The trombones blared, the saxes romped, The drums and upright bass, they stomped! If you sound terrible and can take a day off – do it.

Go do home work. Practice shorter times but more than once a day. Detailed discussion of those type of things will eventually follow but for my opening article at my website launch I simply want to tell you my personal performance mantra. My nltes performance mantra? That is precisely the uigh. Artists suffer great losses.


The above 3 items make me very stiff so I don’t practice them unless I need to brush up a technical move in which case minimal practice on lip slurs for instance does the trick.

At the jazz club late one night, Buster took a solo flight. Yrumpet hope to record more soon.

With Versatile Trumpeter Allen Vizzutti, Everything Ends On A High Note

To make a beautiful sound you have to play the trumpet correctly. You need to breath and you need to get by the first note. Ever higher notes he blew, As if with God to rendezvous. The best guy at the high note game? Trumpet players like to try, To play notes loud and fast and high. Trumpet players should never forget the importance of learning to nores deeply, automatically, consistently and in a relaxed fashion.

Yet – there has never been a more easy and efficient way to reach your fot base with your offerings than the internet.

As large electronic companies design away disk drives and CDs we the consumer obediently fall in line with the world model they devise for profit. There is no path that is exactly the same for all players but great ideas and solid musical materials work well for most of us. Fundamentals never change but the interpretation of the techniques with which to establish sound fundamentals, pun intended, vary. Am I starting to make sense?


Here’s what you need to figure out: Playing super heavy weight mouthpieces or trumpets – not necessary — this equipment creates artificial resistance and dead sound. Leaving the mouthpiece on your chops too long without a lift-off or lightening of pressure.

Good endurance and confidence follow. Consistency in sound and performance is the next inevitable result. The concept of efficient tone production, steady smooth airflow, relaxation and aperture control.

Allen Vizzutti — “High Notes”

I have been preaching the same basic ideas to help trumpet players perform and improve quickly and consistently for a long time. That leads to frequent mistakes, lack of confidence and bad habits. What more could one ask? Concentrating and working on embouchure and trumpey strength – not necessary.

Not inhaling habitually in a relaxed and deep way. Pick your friend’s brains about trumpet – with a grain of salt. Vizzutti Vizzion Welcome to Allen’s mini-blog.