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Urzdzenia bez funkcji automatycznego rozmraania, naley regularnie rozmraa. Natural loading capacity l Stacking of products on the freezer shelves is acceptable. The cans and the bottles may explode.

The Antibacteria System pro- longs the freshness of food. You must instrukvja put an electric heater, a heating fan or a hair dryer into the freezer 6600 any means. The refrige- rant is flammable. It is crucial not to damage unstrukcja capillary tube visible in the compressor recess. Plastic bags, polyethylene and aluminium sheets are the best wrapping materials. This will not affect the condition of the stored foodstuff, and the temperature will quickly return to its set value.

Handling the used electrical and electronic equip- ment properly contributes to the avoidance of con- sequences harmful to the human health and natural environment, resulting from the presence of hazard- ous substances and improper storage and process- ing of such equipment. Pokrtlo regulacji temperatury Regulacja temperatury Zmiana ustawienia pokrtla powoduje zmian temperatury w chlodziarko-zamraarce.

Amica FK S AA manual

Ewentualne amicz zo stale reszt ki kleju mona usun delikatnym rodkiem myjcym. You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform you when someone has reacted to your question. They may cause the formation of an explosive mixture, or contain solvents which may damage the plastic com- ponents of the appliance and even be harmful to health. Do not use it in the cellar, unheated summer cottage during autumn and winter.


It helps inetrukcja you know what food each contains and where it is located.

Amica FK268.3 S AA manual

W przypadku dostania si do oczu naley przepluka je czyst wod i wezwa natychmiast lekarza. W przy pad ku ko niecz no ci ponownego prze woenia, chlodziarko-za mra ar k na le y zapakowa w ele men ty ze sty ro pia nu i fo li oraz za bez pie czy tam kle j c.

Aby odszroni komor zamraarki, na le y: The cans and the bottles may explode.

Di- stribute them evenly l over the shelves. Freezing food l The packaging should be tight and should stick to the frozen products. Minimum distances from the heat sources – from the electric gas and other ovens – 30 mm, – from oil or coal fired ovens – mm, – from built-in ovens – 50 mm If there is no possibility of ensuring the above- mentioned distances, provide an appropriate insulation board.

Use this area for all delicate and highly perishable food e. Die eingesetzte moderne Technologie und die umweltfreundliche Isolation garantieren einen geringeren Energieverbrauch.

Also, remove the appliance lock or render it useless so that the appliance presents no indtrukcja to children while being stored for di- sposal.

AMICA UKS Fridge/ Refrigerator download manual for free now – 3AC2F |

Sounds heard during normal use are mainly due to operation of the thermostat, compressor switching on and cooling system thermal expansion and contraction of the radiator caused by flow of the cooling agent. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce modifications, which do not affect the operation of the appliance.


Alternatively, place pads made of soft material under the rear rollers, especially when the appliance is placed on tiles.

Not suitable for freezing food. We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. View a manual of the Amica FK Tutaj najlepiej przechowywa maslo i sery.

Uytkownik jest zobowizany do oddania go prowadzcym zbieranie zuytego sprztu elektrycznego i elektronicznego. Dopuszczalne s zmiany w wyposaeniu, wystroju wewntrznym i zewntrznym wyrobu, nie wply wa j ce na jego funkcjonalno i bezpieczestwo. Previous page Next page.

Niedopuszczalne jest jakiekolwiek manipulowanie cz cia mi agre ga tu. Diese darf nur von einer autorisierten Fachwerkstatt ausgewechselt werden.

In order to defrost the freezer chamber, you must take the following steps: Najlepszymi ma te ria la mi s: Mycie usuwa naturaln ochron, dla te go lepiej umy warzywa bez po red nio przed spoyciem. This fridge-freezer is intended for household use only. It helps if you know what food each contains and where it is located.

Do not throw away the polystyrene elements of the packaging. Chlodziarko-zamraarka przeznaczona jest wylcznie do uytku domowego. Wymiana przewodu zasilajcego – przylczenie typu Y. Washing removes the natural protection, therefore it is better to wash the vegetables directly before con- sumption.

Amida adjustment knob Temperature adjustment Turning the knob to a different setting changes the temperature in the fridge-freezer. If the capillary tube is damaged by the user the guarantee will be void fig. PL Szanowni Pastwo, Chlodziarko-zamraarka Amica to polczenie wyjtkowej latwoci obslugi i doskonalej efektywnoci. Di- stribute them evenly l over the shelves.