The opera Anna Bolena is not a bad version of the English history; aside from the mad scene, Felice Romani’s libretto is simple and the point. Anna Bolena, Paolo Fabbri,ed. includes links to various online libretto sites. Opera Rara have started to include librettos and English. Listing is confusing. Although the description states “Italian Language” in the specific info further down the page it shows the language as English. I assusmed .

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And she is doing this to me. And from where in you comes such a strange proposal, O lady? Let us now leave for the hunt… with indifference Anna, farewell.

Misero e quale speme or ti seduce? May this day which dawned with such happy and lucky auspices, shine, crowned with even happier successes. I see you unhappy, and my anger has an end; you see my brow furrowed with sorrow: You shake me from my trance at such a moment, O Heaven!

She gave me a heart that was not hers… she deceived me before she was my wife; as my wife she deceives me still. Abna not my heart as if overtaken by horror, by ice?


Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. The only hope to the unfortunate ones, is the royal clemency: The first blow has descended; the one who stuck it hides himself. Bolna enter to lead the prisoners to the block. Hervey and the guards. I speak the truth to you, listen Soon I will be before a tribunal more holy and more terrible than yours is.

Dynamic’s new recording contains every note in the Ricordi piano-vocal score and even expands the cadences anha the act 2 trio with material not to be found in there. Let our words be brief, cautious, low. What should I fear?

More unhappy than Bolena I will cry more. Giovanna returns from the departments of the Queen. Thus is the dawn still beautiful when girded with clouds, the melancholy moon is lovely in its pallor. In me, the desire to see you was stronger than the desire to rest.

Anna Bolena

Odesi suono di tamburi. Sposa a Percy pria che ad Enrico ell’era! Go, confess your former bond, Do not fear that I might want to undo it. We must see each other in plain daylight Heaven and Earth ann know that I love you. They want to throw themselves at each other. Gabinetto nel castello che mette all’interno delle stanze di Anna. Have you respected the royal rank?


Sul mio sembiante avria letto il misfatto?

Donizetti Society Scores and Librettos Page

Who cut its cords? Are you condemned to death too, you who are guilty of no fault? I hate her all the more henceforth. Pur dirlo io deggio. Oh, how swiftly the lightening descends on her head! My presence would be inappropriate. Che a spegner giunge il tuo medesmo amore. There are a number of sites for tracing or buying old editions of bolenna and some can be downloaded free of charge.

Inopportuna or fora la mia presenza. Who is this woman? A hall in the prison in the Tower of London. Non sai che moglie son, che son Regina? Al Consiglio sien tratti, o custodi. Anna too offered me love, longing for the English throne, she too coveted the crown of the lofty lady of Aragon… She had it at last, but she no sooner had it, than it tottered on her head, to her cost, to her grief my heart was tempted by another lady.