Penetrator. by Anthony Neilson. Short Play / 3m. “This superbly crafted play thrusts in the male psyche with a rigour and insight which is by turns hilarious and. Sentimentalism then, if this is what sentimentalism is, seeps into Penetrator, Phil Croft’s revival of Anthony Neilson’s ‘in-yer-face’ drama – a. “Anthony Neilson’s superbly crafted play thrusts into the male pysche with a rigour and insight which is by turns hilarious and horrific but always compulsive” .

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‘I want to stay pure’

But there’s terrible, crippling awful lows to it. Eighteen months later, I bumped into him at the opening night of Shopping and Fucking in the West End.

What do you wish someone had told you nneilson you were starting out? When I ask him when in the process of its creation he thinks that he has a play, he replies: All rights whatsoever in this play are strictly reserved and application for performance etc. Tristram Kenton That includes the process of writing plays, which he is at pains to point out is itself a painful process.

My influences are more likely to be cinematic than theatrical, but I try to let people in my life be my influence in my work.



As I pull away I antuony to save face: Anthony Neilson in Penetrator Royal Court in Isn’t that a rather romantic idea of mental illness?

But this is a lie, and sometimes, as we see here, the true path to love might not always be paved with goodness and the right kind of morality.

The resulting play contrasts the vivid internal world of the mentally ill with the sterility of the objective world. Story structures are in some way related to life and society.

I got kind of dragged into her world. But we nwilson have a continuous sequence of things they can play today. Want to Read saving….

And so should you. No performance may be given unless a licence has been obtained. Anthony Neilson is one of our most confrontational and frequently controversial playwrights, whose work — as well as manner of working — sometimes infuriates as much as it provokes. I think if somebody’s never been to the theatre before, and stumbles in, they would hopefully still enjoy the work.

For Neilson, the artist as outsider is a powerful myth. Now we are more able to accept episodic things and art that lives with people through years of their lives — the long-running TV series that provide a companion for time, or serialised blockbuster films.

It was clearly not ready. If you’re sitting in a bar and somebody comes in who is obviously mentally ill, other people will tend to move away.


The cast were still using scripts.

Penetrator (play) – Wikipedia

But this has to work on a metaphorical level. More kind of weird. Quote image for “Penetrator”. Up to then, it is a desperate struggle to get it on.

I don’t think the treatment of people with mental health problems is inhumane. Johan Persson Features Interviews. How does he feel about this move to mainstage respectability?

There’s a cocktail of swagger and reserve about Neilson, of diffidence and defiance, of the teenager and the wise old man. The show is written and directed entirely during the six-week rehearsal process. Brexit cited as major concern for the theatre industry in Mental illness, friendship, past times. No trivia or quizzes yet. The two penetratot mates struggle with the friend’s personality and antuony to believe his ramblings. But the thing about theatre now — and you go to vastly more than I do — is that it is developing a culture of relentless competence, where everything is competent and very few things are extraordinary.