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Antígona González

In the new elite had assigned a specific public role to women with the creation of the ‘Society of Beneficence’, an all-female aristocratic organization that was to supervise the education and health of girls and women in the city. He tries to talk to Antigon, but to no avail; he is then confronted by Hemon, who enters calmly with his peasant hat under his arm.

The history of Vodou on the island is marked by its antigoja with the potential for revolt and its opposition to power: The curtains lift and we see Creon’s small house, surrounded by trees, and a room with two small chairs, a big chair, and a table.

Shu-Fen Chen; composer of choral odes: Moriso’s speech was given in French; it was later translated into Spanish by Juanita Sanchez English translation from the Spanish version is mine.

Creon believes he has received divine help to kill Antigon’s soul, and, protesting Tiresias’s interpretation, he asks Tiresias to call Danbala, the serpent spirit of life, water, and fertility ,37 in order to prove that the gods are with him.

It is a scene of ‘civilization’ versus ‘barbarism’, with cosmic tinges, enhanced by a third chorus added to that of ‘men’ and of ‘women’: I am entering a place Corifeo is at once a disappeared body, a contemporary citizen abiding by the new negotiations with the military, and also the past military juntas that made citizens disappear.

Argentina is a case in point: But his attack does not reproduce the fratricidal war between caudillos: References to page numbers are given in parentheses in the text. Identities shift as the times do: I am going to Antigon The one man in the cast played Creon and wore a suit.

When Creon called the gods and asked them for the authorization to kill Antigone, they gave him that authorization As to theatre, critic and theatre director Robert Bauduy stated that Haitian theatre was born at the Vodou ceremony at Bois-Cai’man that is widely seen as having sealed the revolutionary pact among slaves that led to Haiti’s independence.


Page references are given in paren- theses in the text. Stage directions have Antigona tear apart the crown that Corifeo was wearing ‘as if outside of what she does’ p. Nationalism, Rosas, and Peron were seen as part of the same history of national unification. Ismene calls for help and their ‘Marraine’ godmother appears with her canari clay potwhich in a Vodou ceremony would be used to invoke the spirits only when their advice is urgently needed.

Antígona González | Les Figues Press

Dessalines appears in many of Moriso’s poems. It did not happen long ago. This dissertation tries to uncover what lies beneath the insistence on the trope of Antigone’s death. On the one hand, the specificity of Moriso’s choice of Antigone relates to a particular aspect of Vodou rites: Antigon’s initial ‘No’ here acquires its full significance: While the rite of burial refers to the present democratic era, the classic confrontation between Creon and Antigone that follows is voiced in the two temporal registers of past and present, as well as in the narration of the confrontations between Antigone and Ismene and be- tween Hemon and Creon.

The pest is a flood that ‘vomits the dead’ on the shore when the ‘sudestada’ southern winds blows p. The ‘disappearances’ during colonial times in the system of tunnels that was built underneath the city for hiding or escape are referenced in the line ‘She will be buried alive.

This led to a sequel to the first law: All the AntigonaS’ of the city have raised their stakes; they are everywhere and now united by an Antigone-like imagination.

Attacked by Indians, it was founded time and 55 Don Pedro de Mendoza was the first Spaniard who attempted the foundation of Buenos Aires in ; he caught three of his soldiers stealing a horse for dinner, had them killed, and then learnt that other soldiers of his crew were eating the hanged men. Skip to main content. From the very first line of Antigon we intuit a link to the Haitian revolution, veles a very specific one at that: There is no Vodou orthodoxy transmitted by a hierarchical institution such as a church or an overall ‘authority’ such as a ‘pope’.


Paris, MayTheatre Sarah Bernhardt, director: Both the hybrid syntax of Creole and the belief system of Vodou had long represented those marginalized by the small Francophone and Catholic elite that had mostly ruled since the time of independence.

To discuss how ritual elements are used in these adaptations of the tragedy is to analyze how the performances of wntigona dramas structure reality, which and whose values they reinforce, and how they negotiate conflict. Moriso thus spoke of a traumatic shock he suffered in Even if I am born a thousand times, and he dies a thousand times’ p.

I am very different from Sophocles and Anouilh in that respect. This fluidity is due to the fact that these deities are constituted in relation to the historical abtigona of their devotees—there might be one warrior spirit, ‘Ogou’, but it manifests in various forms of aggression the drunkard, or the heroic soldier, for instance.

Not surprisingly, Moriso defined his struggle as a valorization abtigona ‘a heritage which is inseparable from the colossal legacy of Independence’. I thank David and Elizabeth for all their assistance.


From Tragedy to Ritual: Not for Antigone, for whom the solution is not pardon. Will I also be cut at the side? When she suddenly enters to defend her act, Creon is at first baffled: They dance with ‘tragic enthusiasm’ p.

After Antigon’s and Ismene’s quarrel, we find ourselves as spectators in the midst of a secular Vodou scene: The historical evidence is vague: Creon is all the faces of antigoja power in this history of violence, ‘a delirious quaternity—father, son, Holy Spirit, and Creon’ p. It is not so tragic! DanbaJa’s Daughter with other points of view. He had all of them executed.