While in a very silly mood nearly a decade ago, myself and a friend bought Katherine by Anya Seton for 75p from a market stall because we. I first read Katherine by Anya Seton when I was 13 – and it still works its magic on me. What about Katherine by Anya Seton, which is based on the life of Katherine Swynford? This is one of my all-time favourite historical novels; it’s absolutely.

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One may have to reread parts, but if you focus you will find this a rewarding historical page turner, and understand why after 55 years it is still a best loved classic of historical literature. Set in the vibrant 14th century of Chaucer and the Black Death, the anys features knights fighting in battle, serfs struggling in poverty, and the magnificent Plantagenets– Edward III, the Black Prince, and Richard II– who ruled despotically over a sfton rotten with intrigue.

Those boorish, gross, lip-smacking, taxed-to-death, bored, obstreperous, pains in the ass. In deciding between Katherine and Katherine SwynfordI would have to say that I preferred the latter.

But I am so mad that it doesn’t have a family tree in the front!! Possibly, but not only that. Katherine becomes ajya prince’s mistress, and discovers an extraordinary world of power, pleasure and passion. I wear that one green shirt ’cause I know it’s the Mr.

By chance, her marriage put her in the path of the Duke, who was struck by her beauty. Katherine is first pressured into marriage to the boorish and brutish knight, Hugh Swynford.

View all 4 comments. Ok, so I didn’t love every page, but the story was rich and layered and colourful, divine in kathherine development of it’s characters, and heartbreaking because these people all existed, and I’m having a hard time letting it go. I thought Any was the only person karherine in Anya Seton’s book on Katherine, for me it didn’t quite hit the mark and the comments you made about it made me realise why.


It’s a romance in the way Gone With the Wind is a romance – there’s a beautiful thread of love and loyalty and connection that weaves it’s way through 30 years, but most of what happens on the page sees our couple separated. He lifted her to his station. Minor characters often just walk on-stage and walk right off again without making an impact or serving merely as a deus ex machina to move things along. I reviewed katerine here: And also five US Presidents. The author has correctly followed the historical facts.

For me, the seams itched and the sleeves were too short and the zipper caught me in a sseton and distracting way. I first read Katherine when it was published in the fifties sneaking my mothers books. I didn’t expect a 14th century real life person to be funny, but she was a quirky little thing.

May 14, Michele rated it liked it Shelves: Guess you hadda be there. Dragging the kids around the British Museum amazing place sseton, I found that Alison Weir had written a biography, bought it and then we nearly missed our stop on the Tube on the way back because I got into it so fast.

I could not bear to leave John and Katherine hanging on the edge anyq finishing their story. Philippa Gregory Goodreads Author Foreword.

Katherine Paterson Signed Books in English. It spans decades and plague outbreaks and political strife. The story takes us along to Setno — which the Vikings colonised, and where Merewyn was forced to make a new life.

Also I can so relate to Katherine by some events in my own life. Jenny This was assigned reading for my high school honors English class in the mid 90’s. The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement.

Review: Katherine, Anya Seton vs. Katherine Swynford, Alison Weir – Girl with her Head in a Book

Generation Next Oli White. So much of history is romanticised, their story has never needed to be. Blood Sisters, Sarah Gristwood Review: You should read Wheel matherine Fortune by Susan Howatch.


On a less cheery note, Thomas Swynford very probably starved Richard II to death to make his stepbrother easier on the throne. I cared about them very much. The book continues to describe the customs of the times. She wrote a wonderful series of historical novels.

The last pages or so I was thinking – stop with the crap katjerine the customs of medieval times and just let me know what is going to happen to the main characters! She suffered a lot through her time with Hugh, but she bore the burden graciously and I loved, loved, loved that she carried herself with integrity throughout her marriage. Great writing, thank you. She was always an obsession with me, so I bought it myself in Katherine is also considered one katherinw the greatest examples of a historical-fiction love story ever written.

I remember blushing a little because I was fairly naive, but there is nothing pornographic or even very suggestive. Even though “Katherine” is her story, she almost seems unimportant and like an add-in.

Knight fever: my favourite historical novels

It’s a strangely old-fashioned love story given that it’s all about adultery! And also, you just knoweven eeton she admitted to it, that had Blanche not view spoiler [gone missing hide spoiler ]Katherine would have carried on view spoiler [her relationship with John iatherine not done penance at all. It is overall a meticulously researched and well-written historical romance set in 14th century England about Katherine Swynford, the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.

Katherine by Anya Seton. This book is amazing.

First is the Romance, the zeal of the organs for their mates, between Duke and minor court lady. Also the historical developments of part of the Years War are explained. Email this interview Recipient’s email Your name. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.