ASHRAE Guideline ▫ TPS, Sections , and Annexes are part of the mandatory requirements to. “state” that you are complying with. Guideline . This technical guideline was put together by technical committees at ASHRAE. construction are defined by ASHRAE Guideline shown as follows. Re- Commissioning Process:“An application of the. Commissioning.

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The intent here is to outline the ashre of work that represents new cost items rather than to assign responsibilities for each task. Developing and documenting the acceptance procedures in an acceptance plan is an important task for the successful implementation of the Commissioning Process.

Provide the completed Construction Checklists to the Commissioning Authority. Also include the expected experience and knowledge of trainer, the number of unique training sessions, the need for repeating the training for multiple shifts, and submittal of Training Plan, handouts, record of the training, and electronic recording of on-site training.

This may include testing soils, evaluating or checking existing conditions, surveying, or other requirements during Design.

It is recommended that an Issues Log be maintained with the status of all current and resolved issues. The recommended procedure has the following general steps: This guideline does not specifically address retro-commissioning. The roles shall differentiate the areas with which each of the members is involved, and the responsibilities shall detail the specific tasks that are to be completed by the individual members.

ASHRAE Guideline 0–,The Commissioning Process | U.S. Green Building Council

The proposal must be signed by an officer of your firm with the authority to commit the firm. This includes reviewing for constructability and interfaces among disciplines. Guidelie operator knowledge of how to optimize the facility operation and maintenance guidellne to the early inclusion of operators in the Commissioning Process. General Project Description – The size and scope of the project are included in this section.

The general process for accepting the training program is: Determines the commissioning requirements and activities to include in the Construction Documents, with review by the design team, for integration into the project’s construction specifications.


ASHRAE Guideline —The Commissioning Process_图文_百度文库

In addition, the specific roles and responsibilities of the contractors relative to the Commissioning Process activities are reviewed. The following is a summary of the Commissioning Process that the 0-205 intends to implement on this project. Requirement of personal interview for finalists List of items to be included in the construction documents.

Upon resolution of comments, the Commissioning Authority recommends to the Owner acceptance of the documents.

Guidleine of items required for the Basis of Design. Such deferred performance verification shall be conducted at an appropriate time, and under appropriate conditions, as early as possible after occupancy. In addition, the needs and demands of facility users and processes typically change as a facility is used. An issue report is created at the time of observation. Evaluation of the Commissioning Process used and changes that will improve the delivered project and form the basis for the Final Commissioning Process Report developed during the Occupancy and Operations Phase.

The Commissioning Authority incorporates comments and provides a final copy to the Commissioning Team members.

For equipment, this section focuses on the physical installation and its start-up when applicable. This includes documentation, test procedures, and checklists. The general process for accepting these documents is: The general process for accepting the Basis of Design is: Also see Ongoing Commissioning Process.

Commissioning Essentials

Request revisions to achieve accuracy. Professional and services agreements must be modified to reflect the scope of work. Facility performance is in accordance with the Owner’s Project Requirements. The relationship of this guideline to other technical commissioning guidelines yuideline shown below. Content not available or incomplete at the end of the Construction Phase will be added during this phase. The Commissioning Authority works with the Contractor in resolving any issues identified during testing.

This review looks for completeness of the drawings and for items of concern identified during previous reviews. Works with Contractors in completing Construction Checklists and tracking of Checklist completion. The design team members and Commissioning Authority can assist the Owner in reconciling conflicting technical requirements. When data forms are used, check boxes generally do not adequately describe the system performance and therefore should be avoided in most cases.


Benefits to the Owner Potential benefits include: Usually incorporated into the Commissioning Plan as an ongoing appendix. It is the responsibility of the Commissioning Authority to take the individual requirements developed by the project team and translate them into physical properties that can be measured, designed, and documented.

For these deferred tests, the prerequisite conditions and an estimated schedule for their completion should be included. This annex discusses the potential benefits and where they accrue and quantifies these benefits by providing evidence of potential costs and savings. Tests needs and schedule. Include costs for Commissioning Process activities in the contract price. Include Commissioning Process requirements and activities in all contractors’ contracts.

The workshop needs to be well organized, and it is very desirable to have the results formatted for immediate input into a computer analysis program for rapid feedback on consensus of the group. Those that can be benchmarked should have the benchmark defined in specific terms and the means of measurement defined.

Highly organized and able to work with both management and trade contractors. Wshrae integration of commissioning work with the asnrae schedule is critical to maintaining project schedule milestones. The Contractor then develops the training material and submits it to the Owner, Commissioning Authority, and design professionals guideljne review and comment XX days prior to the first training session.

Test Procedures provide the following: The Commissioning Authority provides the Commissioning Process Report to the Owner, design professionals, and Contractor for review and comment.