Shaykh Dawani RA has related that he heard from some of the Mashaaikh of Hadith that Surely Dua is accepted when the names of the. The Battle of Badr is the most important battle in the whole of human history as it together with of his Sahaba (Companions) and angels sent by Allah We should remind ourselves that Asma’ Ahl Badr (the names of the. The Badr is inspired by the companions of Badr who sacrificed everything for . You can become a member in your own name, in the name of your parents.

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Marhaba Ya Mustafaﷺ

Do we have any surviving accessible accounts of the names of ALL people How strong are these hadiths? Will any of the be females? I know that there will be females who are members of the army but I’m not sure about the What nmaes of the are actually named and what portion are given a title such as Abu Maryam etc ie. I found this list while going through this thread: As far as I remember reading the only account I found of the above question is what Sister Spizo has posted.

Badr Martyrs (شهداء بدر) |

Other than that I have found nothing in regards to this. There are number traditions about the leaders of the army of the Imam [ajtf]. All our Imams as and even the Prophet pbuh talked about them. If you want more detail then inshallah I will post some stuff later from Kitab ul Irshad and The book of Occultation both have extensive accounts of the companions. I remember reading in a thread, the same as Sister Spizo posted that there are a few titles given to the as well as the army of the Imam [ajtf].

Imam Ali as once said that the army of anger is that which will come at the end of Zaman- Jaysh al-Ghadab Army of Anger. It was funny how a couple of them were abdul wahabs lol. I have no idea where most of these places are I’m guessing most of these places are now called something else eg: If anyone knows where some of these places are, plz lemme know.

I gathered the easy ones, but where are theses places:. Also, are any of these places present day Australia by any chance? Oh and if anyone knows about the authenticness of this namws, plz post.

Yep, I wasn’t referring to hadiths about there being leaders, but rather the hadiths which name bard What kind of extensive accounts are you referring to? Would you happen to have any of these hadiths, I’d love to have a read.

Thanks for your help: Al-Mufaddhal the narrator of this tradition asked the Imam: Ithbatul Hudat, Volume 7, Page The normal Hadith tests are done.

I think the modern name for the other places is also mentioned but will have to go n search it up ok? In fact there is anon muslim name i saw: Taleqan is in Iran but many boundaries are not the same as were known during that time. P jus make sure we are among the 50 women so that we dont have to worry about where they are: I apologize for replying late.


Though I’m not sure if I have understood your question. Thank you all for the info you’ve provided and keep the modern day names of the locations coming people: Question 1 Where will Imam Zaman rise? Question 2 Who will be in his army?

Do not think that because you are a muslim you are superior from other people who are not, for the imam will judge you by the purity of your heart intentionsand not your religion.

Religion is there to help you gain and maintain a purere heart, it is not a passive mark of greatness, some people achieve this via religion, some do it without, they should both be seen and accepted equally.

Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq as is reported to have said that, “Al-Qa’im will enter Makkah and will appear by the side of the house the Kaabah “. Along side him will be his companions, in number.

Imam Mahdi as will be the saviour of humanity, or as you say the Imam of the people. When Muslims only mention Muslim names, I think it has to do with how a believer is described in the Holy Qur’an.

Even though non-Muslim names may not be mentioned, they would not be deprived of Imam Mahdi. Everyone will be invited to the truth, everyone will be given the chance to know Allah swt through him, and to accept it. However, everyone also has the chance now to namez for the truth, before his advent – It is part of our innate nature to do so. And this would be the ultimate decider, we can call it part of the filtration process to seek out the very best amongst us, those whom will serve and namea near our Imam at the time of re-appearance.

And due to Allah’s infinite Mercy, no-one is deprived of such a blessing and achievement, not before the return bdr our Imam as and not after. About your last question, in regards to feeling superior to non-Muslims axmaul on religion – We are all God’s creatures, the only distinction between individuals bxdr Allah swtis based on their level of piety.

No i have an arabic version sis. And i dont know if it is available online or not. If you have those books or pages where is reading the names in arabic, could you scan and post them here? I will be very thankful if you can.

What if one of Imam Mahdi’s asmaup so advanced in his piety and what not that he pretends to be the most eviliest man on earth and yet he has a heart that only Allah knows.

For him life is like this. If he becomes good, he is so good that even the most piest of men stand around and ask him HOW to attain spiritual piety. And if HE decides to go evil, he is so bad that even Ssmaul would say that he’s beaten me in his evilness.

Asma al Badr – Names of the Sahabah of Badr

That’s right, worser than Marilyn Manson: For him life is just an act, he can be extremely good or extremely evil. What do you think? Will he be amongst the chosen few? I believe that our level of piety will manifest in the way we conduct ourselves. Someone who has a high level of piety, will not pretend to be an evil person, asmau, this action will contradict his true beliefs as a Muslim – As well as, faith and works going hand in hand.


Also, we have hadeeths that mention the characteristics of those who will be in the Imam’s army, so that gives us an indictation and also guides us in hadr right direction. And being evil, well, that’s one of the abhorred traits asmul in hadeeths and the Holy Qur’an. We submit to the word of Allah swt and cannot go near the asmalu, in this case taking on the role of nwmes evil person, consequently harming ourselves and those around us and causing the displeasure of Allah swt.

Our actions reflect our true beliefs. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account?

By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at By Ali-FWednesday at Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Posted November 8, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted November 8, edited. Only members namee of A while bak I saw something related to this wen I find it I will post it. Another very major quality is sincerity – the disciples of Imam Mahdi atf are called “ahl al-ikhlas” or the most sincere people.

Posted November 9, edited. Posted November 9, Sis Ruqayah, here are two hadeeths bacr I have come across that mention women in them: Women in the Imam’s army: Imam Jaafar ibne Muhammad as-Sadqiq as has said: Imam Muhammad ibne Ali al-Baqir as said: Indeed he al-Mahdi will come and I swear by Allah that there will be three hundred and asmual and some off number of men with him and among them there will be fifty women who will all gather together in Makkah to help him Thanksfor asking the question sis.

Dont have much time right now but will try to answer afew of the questions. Posted Bqdr 10, Salaam, There are mutiple narrations of the names of the Abu Khalid Halabi or Kabuli said: From the view-point of character and creation, he resembles the Holy Prophet S. Should I inform you about his helpers? Thereafter Hazrat began to count Mahdi’s companions.

Asma al Badr – Names of the Sahabah of Badr | Salawaat Durood / Salawat Durud

People were crying and Ali A. In Khurasan, treasures can be found which are not gold or silver. The Holy Prophet S.

Allah will gather them from the East and West and place them near the Holy Ka’aba by the wink of an eye.

When the people of Mecca will witness this, they will say: After coming in contact with the people of Mecca they will see a group gathered around the ‘Ka’aba’ and the darkness and gloom will have departed from them and the dawn of asmahl ascended and they will tell each other.