: Psicosintesis/ Psycosynthesis: Ser Transpersonal (Conciencia Global) (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Assagioli and a great. Assagioli, Roberto. Published by GAIA. ISBN / ISBN Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ Psicosintesis: Ser Transpersonal: El Nacimiento de Nuestro Ser Real (Spanish) Paperback – Jul 1 by Roberto Assagioli (Author). Be the first to review this .

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Psychosynthesis – Wikipedia

Field of Consciousness 5: Orage, who was publisher of the influential The New Age journal, also made use of the term, which he hyphenated as psycho-synthesis.

A New Theory London p. The lower unconscious is that realm of the person to which is relegated the experiences of psicositesis, fear, pain, despair, and rage associated with primal wounding suffered in life. Whether within one’s private inner world of feelings, thoughts, and dreams, or within one’s relationships with other people and the natural world, a meaningful ongoing relationship with Self may be lived.

Psychosynthesis departed from the empirical foundations of psychology in that it studied a person as a personality and a soul [4] but Assagioli continued to insist that it was scientific.

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Views Read Edit View history. He compared psychosynthesis to the prevailing thinking of the day, contrasting psychosynthesis for example with existential psychologybut unlike the latter considered loneliness not to be “either ultimate or essential”. It is “I” who is aware of the psyche-soma contents as they pass in and out of awareness; the contents come and go, while “I” may psicosinttesis present to each experience as it arises.

In Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-psychosynthesisAssagioli states that the principal aims and tasks of psychosynthesis are:. The psycho-synthesis is thus achieved in analytic treatment without our intervention, automatically and inevitably.

This level of the psiicosintesis represents an area of the personality that contains the “heights” overarching the “depths” of the lower unconscious. A psychosynthesis approach to culture shock”. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. That is, “I” is never the object of experience.


This means psicsintesis no matter what type of experience is engaged, and no matter what phase of growth is negotiated, the complexity and uniqueness of the person may be respected—a fundamental principle in any application of psychosynthesis.

Psicosintesis: Ser Transpersonal : El Nacimiento de Nuestro Ser Real

Since Self pervades all levels, an ongoing lived relationship with Self—Self-realization—may lead anywhere on the diagram as one’s direction unfolds this is one reason for not psicoskntesis Self at the top of the diagram, a representation that tends to give the impression that Self-realization leads only into the higher unconscious.

Since “I” is distinct from any and all contents and structures of experience, “I” can be thought of as not a “self” at all but as “noself”. Oragewho were both far closer to Assagioli’s thinking than Putnam.

The relationship of “I” and Self is paradoxical. Assagioli presents the two major theoretical models in his seminal book, Psychosynthesis[13] models that have remained fundamental to psychosynthesis theory and practice through the years. It comprises that range of experience related to the threat of personal annihilation, of destruction of self, of nonbeing, psicosintesos more generally, of the painful side of the human condition. Psychosynthesis suggests that “we can experience the will as having four stages.

Rather, the potential for a conscious relationship with Self exists for every person at all times and may be assumed to be implicit in every moment of every day and in every phase of life, even when one does not recognize this. These two models are 1 a diagram and description of the human person, and the other 2 a stage theory of the process of psychosynthesis see below.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on assagioli talk page. Subpersonalities based in the personal unconscious form a central strand in psychosynthesis thinking. Anderson, The Upstart Spring p.

A five-fold process of recognition, acceptance, co-ordination, integration, and synthesis ‘leads to the discovery of the Transpersonal Self, and the realization that that is the final truth of the person, not the subpersonalities’. Orage formed an early psychology study group which included Maurice Nicoll who later studied with Carl Jung and concluded that what humanity needed was not psychoanalysis, but psycho-synthesis.


The earliest was by James Jackson Putnamwho used it as the name of his electroconvulsive therapy. The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. Assagioli envisioned an approach to the human being which could address both the process of personal growth—of personality integration and self-actualization—as well as transpersonal development—that dimension glimpsed for example in peak experiences Maslow of inspired creativity, spiritual insight, and unitive states of consciousness.

Psychosynthesis allows practitioners the recognition and validation of an extensive range of human experience: This “noself” view of “I” can be seen in Assagioli’s discussion of “I” as a reflection of Self: For Assagioli, ‘the lower unconscious, which contains one’s personal psychological past in the form of repressed complexes, long-forgotten memories and dreams and imaginations’, [15] stood at the base of the diagram of the mind.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Self is one”. Assagioli was not the first to use the term “psychosynthesis”. Let us see how he may free himself from this enslavement and achieve an harmonious inner integration, true Self-realization, and right relationships with others.

The reason given is: It is important to note that although the linear progression of the following stages does make logical sense, these stages may not in fact be experienced in this sequence; they are not a ladder up which one climbs, but aspects of a single process.