Several of them have been published by a great Assamese scholar, Surya Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles. Ahom Buranji.. Assam Buranji.•. Assam Buranji. ••. Assam Buranji.. Assam Buranji.. Asam Buranji (S.M). Assam Buranji.. Asamar Padya Buranji.. Annals of . Results 1 – of Asama burañjī. Assam buranji; or, A history of Assam from the commencement of the Ahom rule to the British occupation of Assam in

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Indian literature Ahom kingdom Diplomatic correspondence Indian history book stubs International relations book stubs. This article about a book on international relations is a stub.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Buranjl battle of Panipath between Babar’s and Ibrahim Lodhi’s forces is said to be the first battle where big guns were used. First I’ll shift all those related to history to this particular blog and may be edit.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Translation into English of important Assamese historical texts Ahom buranji: The length of the bortop was 12 hats hat is the distance from the finger tips to the elbow, nearly 18 inches and the circumference at the back was 4 hats. But some informations says that the Kings used to keep very big cow-sheds and the cows are kept inside them for six months.


Retrieved from ” https: Most of these informations are collected from historical butanji written in Assamese. bburanji

Therefore, after the 17th century, historical narratives are written in Assamese language and Assamese script. During the reign of Rajeswar SinghaKirti Chandra Borbarua had buranhi Buranjis destroyed because he suspected they contained information on his lowly birth. Brahmaputra Studies Database Search: History is my passion. I have few other blogs. For a long time they gave a political stability to the kingdom and successfully checked the eastward expansion of the Mughals.

অসম বুৰঞ্জী (Oxom Buranji)

But there is nothing lacking in interest. Innumerable bortops were made in the Kingdom buarnji then and when Mirzumla, the Nawab of Bengal attacked Assam, he took along with him hilois. The technique used to prepare gun-powder is now lost forever.

Such as Assamese historical byranji Assam buranji Kamrupar buranji Report on the work of the DHAS Deodhai Assam buranji, with several shorter chronicles Tungkhungkia buranji Kachari buranji Tripura buranji Most of these editions have been printed again and again, thanks to DHAS.

There are another few classes of guns, they were called hilois. View my complete profile.


Buranjis are a class of historical chronicles, written initially in the Ahom [1] and afterwards in Assamese language. Views Read Edit View history. I have seen the balls used in these guns. My thoughts on Assam History.

অসম বুৰঞ্জী (Oxom Buranji)

They were written in “simple, lucid and unambiguous but expressive language with utmost brevity and least exaggeration. Transcribed and translated by Byranji Wichasin. Literally, Buranji means “a store that teaches the ignorant” in the Ahom language: The other types are Biyagom bortop, Hatimuriya bortop, Tubukee bortop and Baghmora bortop.

Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. The biggest hiloi he carried off burznji the charge weighing 3 Maunds. I cannot claim I know too much about the topic, at best I am a student of history.

Buranji – Wikipedia

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies. Since the 17th century, the Tai-Ahom language died out. Thursday 12 Juneby F. Mithaholong is one of the five different classes of big guns made in Assam.