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Assorted Nasties, David Harber. (Paperback )

Some will penetrate the skin, emit noxious vapors, or are fatal in sub-milligram doses. The cyanide itself is made in two steps. The toxin will precipitate as a yellow powder.

Always wear gloves assortd goggles. Cause of death is respiratory paralysis. The data is for educational purposes and should not be used otherwise.

Assorted Nasties by Harber, David

Ether fumes are explosive. A simple pin-shaped head should be used for target practice, as the barbed head is next to impossible to pull assorter wood.

The victim is clinically dead within 90 seconds after inhaling the poisonous vapors. Cyanides are widely used in the plastics industry for the production of materials such as nylon. Add just enough acetone to cover them and grind for one minute.


One frog was said to provide enough poison for up to 50 hunting darts. Commercial HCN is cur- rently produced by reacting ammonia and methane gases in an arc furnace.


To Use – Remove the cap from the needle. This, however, exposes you to unnec- essary danger and should be avoided if at all possible. Ricin is the deadliest plant toxin known. Harmless orally, unless ulcers are present or there are sores in the mouth. This property makes it very difficult to store safely.

The toxin used should be a thin liquid such as nicotine or a solution of a powdered poison in the appropriate solvent. Mixed with other drugs or chemicals it can enhance or 43 Dimethyl Sulfozide Assorted Nasties reduce their nastiex, depending on the drug. The bore is chamfered to msure easy loading of the projectile.

Always weary our dust mask. To use – Remove the cap with the pen pointing away from your body. Spray paint the out- side of the projector body for this reason also.

It induces hypnosis and anesthesia, but not analgesia pain relief Hypnosis is produced within 30 to 40 seconds of injection. Type 1 Field grade – Using acetone, table salt. Observe carefully for leaks. It also has the advantage of being impossible to detect at an autopsy. The bamboo arrows work very well, however, and I recommend their use. Note – AH mentioned before, ether fiimes are explo- sive. Add the phosphoric acid stabilizer and reseal. Anexcel- lent reference work for all things chemical is the “Chemical Technician’s Ready Reference Handbook”, available at most technical book stores.


A speed of about feet per ond is all that is needed to pierce the skin and a couple of inches of tissue. The device consists of a soft, flexible tube similar in appearance to the common toothpaste tube, but much smaller. This is important for top accuracy.

Sarin Production 1 Upon impact, the capsule “bursts and the toxin is ground into the wound by the serrations in the j acket. Preparation of the Toxin When cleaning the fish, always wear good rubber gloves.

Let cool and the crystals will come out of the solvent producing methylphosphonodichloridate dichlorwhich has a melting point of 33 ” C. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.