CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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There are several ways of protecting the boiler against overheating. Use also a poker or a brush to remove dust sediments from the lower combustion chamber walls. Place paper or wood wool on top of the kindling, then another layer of kindling and larger amount of dry wood.

A claim to provide a guarantee period repair shall be made by the customer at the service company.

The boiler must be well cleaned and in time ensuring that all ducts are always obstacle-free. By following these steps in reverse order, you can replace the door. Choice and connection method of control and heating elements GB Atmod are provided to the user with the basic boiler performance control elements compliant with requirements for atmoz heating and its safety. For the heating system regulation we recommend regulation elements provided by the following companies: Both the pumps may however be switched by just one thermostat.


Finish the installation by replacing the covers. Opravu provedl, datum CZ www.

The door lock consists of a lever with a handle and a cam which engages a wheel that is screwed into the boiler and secured by a nut preventing its turning. Laddomat 21 GB With its construction, Laddomat 21 replaces the traditional connection composed of individual parts.

If you want the ventilator to start operating again, set a lower temperature on the waste gas thermostat e. Fuel heating capacity Wood – type Spruce Pine Birch Birch Beech kcal Heating capacity per 1 kg kJoule kWh 4,5 4,4 4,3 4,2 4,0 Raw wood does not burn easily, produces a lot of smoke and afmos decreases the service life of your boiler and chimney.

Set the setting handle to the temperature read on the boiler thermometer. Control panel appearance A 1 www. This operating method however decreases the boiler service life.

Do not leave parts replacement for the last moment; prepare your boiler for the heating season as early as in spring. Then remove the front cover and the grating lever. Waste gas thermostat 4. It does not solve the mixing valves and pumps control. The valve minimum gap is set by a setscrew to 3 — 8 mm; boiler service-life prolonging feature.

Ignition valve attmos — is used for opening up the ignition valve during ignition or fuel-loading stage. The user must not tamper with the boiler construction or its electrical installation. This feature means fuel savings and environmentally friendly operation.


Technical description The boilers are designed for burning brown coal and wood. This water then absorbs the excessive energy and exits to the sewer.

Návod k obsluze

Another option is purchasing tanks in a leather-cloth housing cc20s by mineral wool see the price list. There is also an irreversible safety thermostat on the panel. Use a screwdriver to remove the old sealing cord and to clean the groove in which it was seated. GB Hot-water boiler 2. Dismantling procedure of the grating mechanism itself: Main switch — allows for completely shutting down boiler if necessary.

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The energy content declines dramatically with increased water contents. Setting the required water temperature for the building is always achieved by means of a three-way mixing valve. Connection of these elements is illustrated in the wiring diagram.