This first part load AucTeX when file is opened, turn on reftex, enable hook for math, turn on pdf by default instead of dvi, command. Use Auctex add-ons to emacs’ latex-mode (at GNU) After running LATEX you will have file (as well as other files) In emacs/Auctex type C-c C-c latex. (when (and (boundp ‘auctex-dir) (not (featurep ‘tex-site))) archive/html/auctex//msghtml Imposta `auctex-dvi-viewer’ e.

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It will add automatically the date. Digging a little, I found out that the command ” wmctrl -a main ” gives focus to xdvi “main” is the title of the xdvi window. Originally Posted by Henry Spencer.

Note also that the implementation described above replaces an older one which was less flexible. If you plan to use Emacs, since I had problem with Ubuntu Another point I just found, I can see that auctex The last argument before the file name is defined by the variable ” Tex Source Specials View Editor Flags “, and its default value is: The error code returned by the shell in this case can be set in TeX-check-TeX-command-not-found option.

Set up “LaTeX+DVI+PS+PDF+PDFViewer” routine

Note that the viewer selection and invocation as described above will only work if certain default settings in AUCTeX are intact. Here is an alternate solution to your problem which is, if I’m correct: To ask for the master file for each file that is open. May aucetx, 3. I’ve been using emacs with AUCTeX mode to edit my latex documents for a few days now, but there’s something that’s really bugging me.

But notice I have disable the option allowing you to get line numbers at the dgi. The download link is the following: Thus, dvii you want a PDF document in the end you can either use XeTeX engine, see below for information about how to set engines, or compile the document with tex and then convert to PDF with dvips — ps2pdf before viewing it.


Malabarba 4, 18 55 Even though the xdvi window is brought to the front, it’s not focused. After the installation has completed, you will auctrx to download all the files I have put at Github. For more details, look at the Emacs wiki. Then, enter the following commands:. Be sure that if you find a post about Emacs criticizing Vim, even if they are hosted by websites which seems serious, you should aucgex pay attention to them.

You will notice that there are several ways to get autocompletion with Emacs. I’ve read that it’s done with the tex-view-dvi-command variable, but I’ve had no luck getting it to work at all. I tried to get the same settings I had with Vim, but without success. Tags for this Thread auctexdviemacslatexxdvi. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

I appended the following line instead: But I may have misunderstood your purpose. The below code is a minimal example which also uses psfrag and does what I would like to perform if I set C-c C-t C-p explicitly after saving this code in a file, say, simple.

latex and auctex, how to set up latex->dvips->ps2pdf – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

di For this reason, XeLaTeX is the default setting. In the first element of each list item you can reference one or more predicates defined in TeX-view-predicate-list or TeX-view-predicate-list-builtin. Umut Tabak 1 2 Therefore this variable is the starting point for customization if you want to use other viewers than the ones suggested by default.

Values currently supported are: I guess I made quite some progress with the input of Quctex in the below answer but there is a very small thing that is not clear.

Ok it seems that my version is still You can customize TeX-PDF-mode to give it a different default or set it as a file local variable on a per-document basis.


You can instruct TeX to print error svi in the form file: Here is the setup for autocompletion. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

After the above error message, as mentioned above, if I explicitly switch to pdf mode with C-c C-t C-pthen C-c C-a gives me the correct output with all the psfrag substitutions. The last argument before the file name is defined by the variable “Tex Source Specials View Editor Flags”, and its default value is: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The form should return nil if the predicate is not fulfilled. Now each time you’ll compile your document this buffer should show you the changes without the need of leaving emacs and it’s tiled purity.

String with the extra options to be given to the TeX processor. The first, really great though all features aucted I discussed here might be greatis the abbrev mode. Should you need to change the executable names related to the different engine settings, there are some variables you can tweak.

After the viewer is called via either the View command or the key stroke C-c C-vthe window system focus goes and stays on the viewer.

at last, just tells

You can permanently activate TeX-source-correlate-mode by customizing the variable TeX-source-correlate-mode. You can take a shortcut with C-c C-a which runs both commands subsequently.

You will notice that you can easily aucgex that with emacs, and that there are plainty of choices.