Automated System for Rejection of Poor Quality Material automatic system to assert the dimensional (length) accuracy of a product and the rejection of the defective the product is rejected by pneumatic actuator into the rejecter bin. AUTOMATIC POOR QUALITY REJECTER AUTOMATIC QUALITY CHECKING SYSTEM AUTOMATIC SEALING MACHINE Automatic gear display Click Here; AUTOMATIC MOTOR COIL WINDING SYSTEM USING MICROCONROLLER Click Here; Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter.

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Conveyer for Quality control Automatic Valet car parking System using conveyors Tidal Power Plant Vertical Axis Windmill Fabrication Hydraulic press Soft hand gear system Electrified Two Axis Sliding Table Fabrication of Solid Fuel Fabrication machine Automatic control for unmanned railway gate with model qualiy Students can use these projects as refernce for final year projects.


Power generation using Footsteps Intelli mobile robot for multispeciality operations Conveyor for grade selector and diverter applications High Speed Material Transferring Robo Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Remote Controlled Screw jack Fabrication Hydraulic bending Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter Pneumatic hag saw cutter Peddling Washing Machine