and Manuals We know it’s difficult to keep track of your guides, so download any of your Avital® Owner’s Guides here. (French), 10/21/, download. Avital Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Avital Owner’s Manual. View and Download Avital Model owner’s manual online. Avital Owner’s Guide Model Model Car Alarm pdf manual download. Also for:

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Never activate the remote start in avitwl enclosed space. Protecting valuables inside the car, or the car itself, requires an alarm system. The system is armed. All installations must be performed by an authorized Directed dealer. If the vehicle starts in gear, cease remote start operation immediately and consult with the authorized Directed dealer to fix the problem.

Arming While Driving note: This warranty is nontransferable and does not apply to any unit that has been modified or used in a manner contrary to its intended purpose and does not cover batteries.

You will need your car wiring system blueprint. This applies to all states of the system including arm, disarm, and Valet Mode. The lights will flash 2 times. Arming or disarming the system can provide confirmation to the remote.

Avital – Guides and Manuals

A small push button mounted at a discretionary Valet button: To stop Panic Mode at any time, press on the remote transmitter again. If you hear a second chirp after arming and note that the status LED is flashing in groups, see the Diagnostics Section of this guide. Then, whenever a specific transmitter is used, aivtal system will recall the settings assigned to that transmitter.


If five chirps are heard when disarming, NPC has been engaged. For example, if your vehicle has an interior light exit delay and you arm your security system before the interior light turns off, you may hear a second Bypass Notification chirp.

Example If zone 3 was active or triggered, the LED will blink three times with a two-second pause. The alarm will automatically re-sync and respond to the transmitters normally.


Operation is subject to the following two conditions: The rear defogger output will no longer activate when the vehicle is remote started. This determines how long the full triggered sequence lasts. To re-sync the remote simply press range of the vehicle.

A clear copy of the sales receipt, showing the following: Zone 2 is now bypassed.

This prevents damage to the starter motor if the key is turned to the start position during remote start operation. Any of these tones can be eliminated by a dealer, resulting in a unique, easily identifiable siren sound. Call for more information about our products and services.

While the vehicle is running during remote start operation, the system will monitor the vehicle and will automatically shut down the engine if the system receives any of the following shut-down inputs: This prevents damage to the starter motor if the key is turned to the start position during remote start operation. A zone is a separate input that the alarm can recognize as unique. Turn off the key, the engine will keep running. The aviyal of this feature is to protect the vehicle from being stolen at all times, regardless of whether or not the alarm is armed.

To stop Panic Mode at any time, press on the transmitter again. Ability to start vehicle from up to feet away.


The switch can be installed in a location of your choice. The remote option gives the driver flexibility in avitsl away from the vehicle. The Valet button can avitao programmed to respond to presses for the disarm function. The siren chirps five times followed by a long chirp. To remote start the vehicle: Active or triggered zones will be indicated by a pattern of blinks by the LED.

The transmitter initially comes programmed with Standard Configuration, but may also be customized by an authorized dealer. Just press for two seconds, and you will enter Panic Mode. Other remote car alarm features that you can find include: The only ways to reset a bypassed zone are for it to not trigger for 60 minutes, or to turn on the ignition. Simply press on the transmitter for two aviatl while the vehicle is running. The sequence consists of the siren sounding continuously and the parking lights flashing for a pre-programmed period, which can range in duration from 1 to seconds.

If you wish to clear the NPC memory, turn the ignition on. 400

This feature only works if passive arming has been programmed. Can be set up to 16 minutes by your installer.

Avital Model 4300 Owner’s Manual

Automatic power window control is pro- vided with the T and T systems. Got one to sell? Make sure you receive the warranty registration from your dealer.