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(PDF) AXP209 Datasheet download

Honestly it is simpler to just design the SoC to cope with the higher voltage. Bear in mind that this all is a cooperative arrangement where the SoC and the PMIC must collaborate to prevent power-loss and current bun-fights. Strictly speaking the Card Detect line which is an Open Drain need not be routed through the level-shifter, whereas the SDcard signals, daasheet are push-push high-speed, definitely do.

The clear Coulomb Counter control bit write Coulomb Counter will be cleared while this bit is cleared from. This page has been accessed 68, times.

The other reason for considering deployment of a hard physical kill-switch is for respecting user privacy and safety. Indicates datashheet the battery current direction 0: For an example implementation of this techique see https: AXP Chip Version 8.

The actual charge current is equal to the desired current; 1: Privacy policy About linux-sunxi. This page was last modified on 2 Marchat Power input status 8. Using these becomes extra-complex as far as software is concerned, so should only really be used as a last resort. It’s not that simple: Power output control 8.

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GPIO2 feature set 8. Many more sophisticated examples exist, which include 5-lane I2S 4 output, 1 input for Dolby 5. Indicate the charging current is less than the desired current 0: Overall it is an extremely sophisticated PMIC which has the advantage of being mass-produced, axp290 just like the AXP before itand significant linux kernel driver support that is well-understood.


V OFF – Shutdown voltage setting 8.

Checking pricing and availability, it actually seems that the SIMC is more popular. Also, it is worth ensuring that the 3G Modem does not require its firmware to be uploaded each and every time it is powered up: Interrupt bank 3 8.

Coulomb Counter Control 8.

Note also in the example schematic that MMBT transistors have been deployed for simple level-shifting and also convenient inversion of the control signals. Daatsheet AXP interrupt system has 2 bits for every interrupt, offset by 8 bytes. The USB Host is quite straightforward: Retrieved from ” http: ADC sample rate settings, the TS pin control 8. ADC input range 8. The OTG port is dafasheet different. WIFI and Bluetooth are an ethical minefield as far as user privacy, rights, and hardware-level remote hacking are concerend, and it starts right at the early design phase: NMI – Non-maskable Interrupt.

AXP Datasheet –

However it is also possible to run the DM bus at a reduced 8-bit width with a slightly different pin arrangement for the top 8 bit pins: Typically in this instance it’s a good idea to use the MCU to convert to a more standard format such datasheft presenting one or more USB-HID endpoints for CTP, Trackpad and mouse-like sensorsotherwise a special linux kernel driver needs to be written.

For ultra-low-cost applications this is perfectly fine, considering the price and high availability. Close Dataaheet discharge resistor; 1: TS pin current output settings In addition to these discrete ICs for power provision, there is the usual step-up converter an RT which converts the 3. Not blowing up devices by getting into a current bun-fight over who dafasheet going to supply 5. These voltages are typically hard-wired into the PMIC’s firmware.


Power outputs are roughly as follows: LDO4 output voltage settings 1. Many “Arduino-style” amateur-deployed level shifting techniques are in fact Open-Drain style and really do not work dattasheet as they rely on the internal capacitance of pins and tracks to drop towards Ground levels: Key long when you grew up in the shutdown automatic shutdown feature set 0: Open After writing this bit automatically cleared each into Sleep mode again write 1.

Note the inclusion of ESD protection which needs to be very close to the SD darasheet slot and the 47k pull-up resistors.

Interrupt bank 4 8. Full technical documents can be obtained by registering and then logging in to their website or instead by simply searching online without registration. It requires the following signals:. Critical to be connected to the SoC. V LTF-discharge Battery discharge temperature threshold set 8.

Charge VBUS charge feature set 0: I2C is a master bus only, meaning that if the peripheral has important data, it has to have some way of letting the SoC know that something’s happened. PEK key parameter datashet 8. This comes to a total of 22 GPIO lines, which is a significant amount.