Thinker with the components, experiment with the magnets, coil, batteries, transistor etc. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle. Beautiful NEW Bedini SSG Bicycle Wheel Energizer Monopole Motor Kit comes with full wound coil and 7 transistor circuit with matched components fully tested. Animation of the Bedini `SSG´ Circuit. The Bedini “Simple School Girl´s” circuit is so named because it was constructed by Shawnee Baughman.

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Home About Us Testimonials F. Contact Us Battery Secrets. Even if you want to buy the kit, it is recommended to get a copy of this book so you know all the working principles involved. This circuit is based on the inverted capacitive discharge circuit that he showed a few years back while demonstrating his gigantic ferris wheel sized Energizer. This is one of the most highly demanded circuits in the “Free Energy” and battery rejuvenation field for those that actually like to get their hands besini by actually building things.


It converts the high voltages impulses from the Bedini SG coil into steady Direct Current that can charge and rejuvenate sulfated batteries. And if you have new batteries, it simply keeps them in like-new shape.

Connection diagrams are included. This circuit is proprietary so it is potted for protection.

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

It is not user servicable but comes fully assembled and ready to use. This is for experimental use only and does not carry a warranty. John designed the circuit himself to make sure that it is built correctly and will perform the same as his.

All nedini are tested before they are shipped. Depending on shipping method.

John Bedini Simplified School Girl basic plans

Save On Home Energy. Handbuilt to order 4 large cap comparator discharge circuit. Built and tested personally by John Bedini. Handbuilt to order Linear Regulator Circuit.

Bedini Motors: Bedini `SSG´ Circuit

High quality laser cut adjustable plastic frame that comes partially assembled. Each one has its own unique serial number with the Bedini logo engraved.


This allows the entire shaft to rotate for the purpose of connecting a fan, switches, etc.

Aluminum fan blade that you can attach to the shaft. This gives the shaft a real load demonstrating that real mechanical work is performed while moving air.

A coil that is prewound with 7 power windings and 1 trigger winding.

It is wrapped on a spool and will have a a bundled welding rod core. Shipping weight is 3 pounds. Shipping dimensions are 6 x 6 x 6 inches.

Shipping weight is 30 pounds. Shipping dimensions are 18 x 18 x 18 inches.