The purpose of the study is to evaluate the physical performance of a Biograph mCT Flow R PET/CT system (Siemens Healthcare, Germany) and to. to fundamentally change how PET imaging is performed. Powered by Siemens’ revolutionary FlowMotion™ technology,. Biograph mCT Flow™ is the world’s first. Biograph mCT Flow with FlowMotion™ technology combines our standard- setting PET/CT with a unique system design that enables continuous motion of.

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The spatial resolution, sensitivity, scatter fraction, and count rates were in concordance with the published values for the predecessor system, mch Biograph bjograph. The bladder was chosen to test for this issue as it contains a uniform activity concentration and therefore similar to the background compartment in the IQ phantom.

All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were approved by the regional ethics committee and were in accordance with the Helsinki declaration. The advantage of the continuous bed motion is the increase of uniformity in the sensitivity profile across the axial FOV, due to the fact that the density of lines of response LOR does not depend of their axial position as in the case of SS acquisitions [ 13 ].

The reconstructions of the transaxial sections through the center of the spheres within the image quality phantom for SS and CTM mode are shown in Fig. This information can be used to significantly improve the image signal-to-noise ratio SNR of the reconstructed PET images, thus, allowing for better image quality and shorter acquisition times [ 89 ].

Biograph mCT Flow

Footnotes Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. The count rate error evaluation was also slightly modified in the standard. At the start of the first measurement, the activity of the point source was 0. The corrected true coincidence count boograph was recorded as a function of sleeve thickness and extrapolated to a zero thickness sleeve. Bioograph is the result of the low sensitivity in this part of the axial FOV Fig.


Biograph mCT Flow – Siemens Healthineers USA

The changes boograph bladder filling are caused by the time between the scans. No noticeable difference between the two systems was observed. This can be attributed in part to the generation of Gibbs artifacts at the edge of the reconstructed object, which are particularly noticeable in smaller objects [ 2529 ].

For this evaluation, the measurements acquired for the evaluation of the scatter fraction and count rate performance was used. These settings were selected to cover the same axial FOV in the same time as performed with biofraph IQ phantom measurements.

TOF information was not used in this measurement. For the OSEM reconstruction, the results were slightly worse, which can be explained by the difference in applied post-filtering 3-mm FWHM vs 5-mm FWHM and the difference in iterations and subsets; the larger number of subsets in our study will lead to an enhancement of the noise in the image. The line source for the scatter phantom was filled with a solution of 18 F-FDG and water.

Received Jun 15; Accepted Oct No noticeable differences were seen in the contrast recovery as well as in the image quality obtained with sequential and CTM acquisition modes, although the background variability in the phantom measurements was slightly higher when using CTM acquisitions.

Nevertheless, based on the findings of Molina-Duran and colleges, [ 33 ] not the entire increase in BG variability can be explained from the decrease in count density. In CTM, the table is moved continuously through the axial FOV of the scanner to acquire date of an extended scan range.

Biograph mCT 20 Excel – Siemens Healthineers Global

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The patient handling system PHS contains a horizontal magnetic ,ct system that enables a continuous table motion with a positioning accuracy of less than 0. Therefore, the CTM acquisitions resulted in a lower number of collected true events than in SS mode, which in turn resulted in an elevated background variability [ 33 ]. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Furthermore, the axial placement of the off-center axial point sources was changed from one fourth of the axial FOV from the center to three eighth of the axial FOV from the center, respectively.


Online random subtraction was applied from a delayed coincidence window.

This difference warrants further discussion. Scintillator crystals for PET. The expected value of the true count rate is gained by a fit through all data below the peak NECR standard as opposed to the extrapolated values from the last three acquisitions standard.

The elevated background variability is assumed to be caused by the choice of the table speed and the data processing techniques specific to CTM acquisitions. Methods for improving image quality in whole body PET scanning.

This relationship was modeled from an empirical logarithmic relationship. The remaining two largest spheres were filled with non-radioactive water. Open in a separate window. A similar increase was observed in the CVs which equate to the background variability in the bladder biograpj the two patients.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. PET technical and clinical advances with FlowMotion technology.

Time of flight in PET revisited. Accuracy of count losses and random corrections For this evaluation, the measurements acquired for the evaluation of the scatter fraction and count rate performance was used. Our data indicate a similar performance of the PET components of the mCT Bkograph and its predecessor system, the mCT [ 6 ] with the residual differences being discussed below.

Biograph mCT 20 Excel

The relative count rate error at the activity concentration of the NECR peak biotraph No attenuation and scatter correction and no post-smoothing filter were applied. Schematic diagram of a step-and-shoot SS left and continuous right table motion CTM acquisition protocol. Finally, the results of these measurements were compared with published values from its predecessor, the Biograph mCT system [ 6 ].

Small differences in local uptake e. The sphere-to-background ratio is 4: