The Indux™ Cortical Strip is a robust single piece construct with a unique cross- hatch pattern that Biomet Spine & Bone Healing Technologies launches. of Biomet, Inc. or one of its subsidiaries unless otherwise indicated. Rx Only. Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Indux™ Cancellous Strip. The Indux™ Cancellous. Biomet Spine introduced Cellentra VCBM (Viable Cell Bone Matrix), the Stimulation products which includes the Indux™ Cortical Strip and.

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We depend on our senior managers and other key personnel to run our business and on technical experts to develop new products and technologies. The condition of the financial and credit markets and prevailing interest rates have fluctuated in the past and are likely to fluctuate in the future. Among other initiatives, these bills impose a 2. We have a single database of all of our development projects that is biomeh filtered and sorted to generate customized project roadmaps that serve as communication tools providing visibility to all functional teams.

Bonutti, misuse of confidential information and infringement of U.

Zimmer, , Biomet Indux Block Cube 14mm x 14mm – eSutures

We offer cement spacer mold options for both hip and knee revision procedures. The terms of our senior secured credit facilities also restrict LVB from conducting any business or operations other than, among others, i owning Biomet, Inc.

Furthermore, if the lenders foreclose and sell the pledged equity interests in any guarantor under the notes, then that guarantor will be released from its guarantee of the notes automatically and immediately upon such sale. If a product liability indjx or series of claims is brought against us for uninsured liabilities or is in excess of our insurance coverage limits, our business could suffer and our financial condition, results of operations and cash flow could be materially adversely impacted.

These systems address both the mini-open and percutaneous screw placement minimally invasive approaches. In addition, in many countries the national health or social security organizations iindux our products to be qualified before they can be marketed with the benefit of reimbursement eligibility.

Any of these adverse consequences could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and cash flows. Some of these positions appear to be inconsistent with common practices within the industry but have not previously been challenged. The breadth of our product offering and the quality of our sales forces collaborate to create synergies that we believe uniquely position us to continue to efficiently penetrate the musculoskeletal market. Administrative offices of Biomet Europe B.


This technology allows the screw head to translate up to 3mm medial-lateral relative to the screw shaft to ease rod introduction and encourage optimal screw placement. Our backlog of firm orders is not considered material to understanding our business.

Indux™ Cancellous Sponge and Strip + Indux™ Cortical Strip

In early3i brought a new generation of dental implant to market. We intend to review and take appropriate actions with respect to any such investigations or proceedings; however, we cannot assure you that the costs of defending or fines imposed in resolving those civil or criminal investigations or proceedings would not have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and cash flows.

Because of variations in human anatomy and differing design preferences among surgeons, we manufacture femoral and acetabular prostheses in a variety of sizes and configurations. We intend to continue to meet the needs of our surgeon customers and hospital customers by providing clinically successful and innovative products that offer a cost-effective means of treating patients.

Among other things, the HITECH Act provided that Business Associates will now be subject to the same security requirements as Covered Entities, and that with regard to both the security and privacy rule, Business Associates will be subject to direct enforcement by HHS, including civil and criminal liability, just as Covered Entities are.

A legal proceeding, regardless of the outcome, could put pressure on our financial resources and divert the time, energy and efforts of our management.

In addition, copies of these reports will be made available free of charge, upon written request to our Investor Relations Department at 56 East Bell Drive, Warsaw, IN If we are unable to generate sufficient cash flow and are otherwise unable to obtain funds necessary to meet required payments of principal, premium, if any, and interest on our indebtedness, or if we otherwise fail to comply with the various covenants, including financial and operating covenants in the instruments governing our indebtedness including covenants in our senior secured credit facilities and the indentureswe could be in default under the terms of the agreements governing such indebtedness, including our senior secured credit facilities and the indentures.

Further, it is not possible to assess the impact of all risk factors on our business or the extent to which any single factor or combination of factors may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements.

We believe we are the fourth largest player in the U. Equity compensation plans not approved by security holders.

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Among the potential effects could be an increase in our variable interest rates, an inability to access credit markets should we require external financing, and further impairments of our goodwill and other intangible assets.


These devices are used by orthopedic surgeons to provide an accurate means of setting and stabilizing fractures bbiomet for other acute reconstructive procedures.

Our existing product liability insurance coverage may be inadequate to satisfy liabilities we might incur. Accordingly, claims of holders of the notes will be structurally subordinated to the claims of creditors of these non-guarantor subsidiaries, including trade creditors. Biomet, LVB and several of our competitors in the non-invasive bone growth stimulation market were named as defendants in this action. Our spinal fixation systems compete with other spinal fixation systems primarily on the basis of breadth of product line, product recognition and price.

For over 30 years, we have applied advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to the development of highly durable joint replacement systems.

Any of the following risks could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations or cash flows.

Spine Products | Zimmer Biomet

In addition, there are no assurances that a liquidity event as described in the Stockholders Agreement will occur, and if it does so when such event occurs or on what terms and conditions. Our future profitability depends on the success of our principal product lines.

Our international subsidiaries employed 4, persons, of whom 2, were engaged in production and 2, in research and development, sales, marketing, administrative and clerical efforts.

In addition, we could experience a material design or manufacturing failure in our products, a quality system failure, other safety issues or heightened boomet scrutiny that would warrant a recall of some of our products. In addition, we are subject to risks arising from currency exchange rate fluctuations, which could increase our costs and may adversely affect our results.

Typically, these agents and distributors have developed long-standing relationships with our customers and provide our customers with the necessary training and product support relating to our products. Readers of this annual report are cautioned that reliance on any forward-looking statement involves risks and uncertainties. Noteholders will not have a claim as a creditor imdux any subsidiary that is no longer a guarantor of the notes, and the indebtedness and other liabilities, including trade payables, whether secured or unsecured, of those subsidiaries will effectively be senior to claims of noteholders.

In Marchthe U. Each registrant hereto is not filing any information that does not relate to such registrant, and therefore makes no representation as to any such information.