Eppendorf BioPhotometer Plus UV/VIS Photometer, 8″ W x ” D x 4″ H: Science Lab Photometers And Light Meters: : Industrial. With the BioPhotometer plus, Eppendorf offers a compact UV/Vis photometer for use in molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology. The photometer. Read independent reviews on BioPhotometer plus from Eppendorf on SelectScience.

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Poster — Nucleic Acid Photometry.

Forgot password or username? Eppendorf semi-micro Vis Cuvetteplastic cuvette for measurements in the Vis range, max. Write your own review. Contact us Distributors Technical Service. Easy closing for easy handling. Alexa Fluor is pluw registered trademark of Molecular Probes Inc. When selecting the cuvettes observe the respective instructions see Cuvettes on page Users are guided through every step of the assay with short, simple on-screen instructions.

Further information about the Eppendorf PhysioCare Concept: Aggressive chemicals may damage both the device and its accessories. Page 31 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 6 Parameter and functions 6. The light path height of the BioPhotometer plus is 8. Page 33 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 7 Maintenance 7. Drexel University Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 4 out of 5 Value for biiophotometer 5 out of 5. Machine works by lasers, therefore does not need to warm up in order to function.

Because this is a stray-light measurement the result depends on the geometry of the light path which can differ for the photometers by different manufacturers. Connect the printer cable to the printer and also tighten the locking screws. For specific methods, additional measurements are recorded and displayed as a graph, making impurities easier and quicker to identify. Page 15 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5 eppendorv. However, you still have to enter the factor before the first measurement.


It is possible that reduced purity may be attributed to the fact that the sample is solubilized in water instead of in buffer.

Eppendorf BioPhotometer plus User Manual

Service product portfolio may vary according to country. Measurements with suspensions of E. Page 49 Page 50 Page 51 In touch with life Your local distributor: Page 39 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 9 Transport, storage and disposal 9 9.

When purifying nucleic acid without a kit, additional contamination risks are posed by the chemicals used in the process, e. Circular keys Start standard measurement. Secure We only pass your details on to trusted suppliers at your request. The Eppendorf BioPhotometer D30 is the 3rd generation of Eppendorf spectrophotometers to become an established standard in the life sciences.

Up to 3 mL filling volume.

The device may only be operated by trained specialist staff. Page 19 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5. Control panel of the BioPhotometer plus.

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Operating manual A list of general device functions will open. Front and rear view Operating manual 2. The height of the light beam in the cuvette is 1.


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Universitat Konstanz Ease of use 5 out of 5 After sales service 4 out of 5 Value for money 3 out of 5. Page 9 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 2 Product description Eeppendorf BioPhotometer plus converts the measured absorbance values into concentration results.

Easy and intuitive sample processing. This guarantees safe, error-free operation and reliable results. Our website does not support your outdated browser version. These packs allow a safe storage of the UVettes in a reclosable box, while offering convenient access to each cuvette for easy filling.

Purity and homogeneity of the sample are important considerations for eppendorff applications.

Eppendorf BioPhotometer® D30 – Instruments, Detection – Eppendorf

Page 23 BioPhotometer plus — Operating manual 5 Operation 5. Compatible consumables are relatively inexpensive. Fast Your inquiry will be delivered straight to the manufacturer. Checking condition of delivery Biophotometr and initial operation Instruction of user Self test where applicable IQ Certificate.

The absorbances of the filters are measured against a blank filter “blank A0”. Eppendorf International Choose country.