Malmö, with its , inhabitants, is the third-largest city in Sweden. Since , Malmö has been connected to Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge, yet it has. The theme of Bo01 is the City of Tomorrow in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare community. Beauty and stimulation are keywords in the new. Sweden’s first international housing exhibition, Bo01, will open on 17 May in Malmö. The “City of Tomorrow” in the ecologically sustainable information and .

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Here Bo01 will instance what can be achieved in a newly constructed urban environment with ecological, aesthetic and functional inflections. The entire Western Harbour area now focuses on sustainable development based on the lessons learnt from the first lf development in Bo Biodiversity was enhanced through the extension of green spaces and an open rainwater management system. Thus the urban form is not from the “Middle Ages”, but is of today.

Roofs and walls will be covered with plants in order to increase the green space. An effective energy usage is essential in order to reach the target of entirely locally produced renewable energy.

Since the new system was installed there has not been any severe flood or water related problems.

Bo01 – Wikipedia

Parks, waterfront promenades, streets and piazzas and exciting courtyards will be created with a very high level of aspiration.

The aim is to create a debate centered around how we live today and how we will live in the future. Before directing into bo001 new sewage system, the water is collected in natural ditches and reservoirs giving several aquatic creatures a new home. Yes, allow to load Disqus. The first stage will be completed in May and will tomordow included in the European Bo01 City of Tomorrow home exhibition. On a magnificently situated cuty of land in resund, a new urban center is being constructed for living, education and work, with the aim of showing that high-class architecture provides better conditions for the long-term sustainability of buildings and cities.


Then simply log in and click the “Apply as a community contact” button below. This was to have a tomorow purpose, partly it would break up the urban environment allowing for a more pleasant experience, partly it was to break up the harsh sea winds.

The planning efforts and persistence in Bo01 expo area paid off. Higher blocks towards the keyside and lower in the area in between.

By agreeing to these services, your data may be accessed by these companies and provided to third parties. Our ambition is that both the above parts should together form a whole, an attraction of international class. Cyclists in the area will always be prioritised ahead of cars.

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We are adopting a holistic approach to the subject, both large and small scale and in both the permanent and temporary parts of the exhibition. The entire process of building up a new residential area is scientifically accompanied and evaluated by the University of Lund.

Size and population development. Biodiversity The district is being built with the aim of containing a diverse range of natural life. Bio gas tomorgow be produced from the area’s waste and will be used to heat homes and power vehicles. The project Ekostaden Augustenborg was launched in and ran from to as an initiative of an extensive urban renovation programme by the local housing company MKB and the industrial estate. Bo01 demonstrates how intelligently utilised information technology, dignified welfare solutions and pleasurable, sensual beauty can make the sustainable city so attractive that it will be chosen in our time.


The energy used in the Western Harbour will be generated in or near the area.

Ekostaden Augustenborg and Bo01 – City of Tomorrow

The grid has been distorted by bo001 wind, among other things, like a fishnet hung out to dry. This is why Bo01, for the first time ever, is putting green ssues at the centre of attention. It was created as part of the European Housing Expo in and is notable for its sustainable character. Do you like this project?

Retrofitting SUDS in an urban regeneration ciity. We are going to do this is two different locations: Bo01 is the name for an international housing exhibition that took place in — at that time representing the first stage of development of the entire Western Harbour area.