You are here: Home · User Manuals · Inverters and Energy Recovery · Operating instruction; ACU Operating Instructions Frequency Inverter V / V. The safety instructions and information on use in this documentation must be Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the. 02/ Operating Instructions Agile. 3 Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the compatibility of external products (e.g.

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Page 53 Voltage Current Measurement The voltage and current measurement on the primary and secondary side of the inverter may be different due to instrumentation variations. The planning of the system bus is done vectrron three steps: The interval for the SYNC telegram of a frequency inverter defined as the system bonffiglioli master is adjustable.

Take appropriate measures to make sure it is not energized unintentionally. In operation mode 2, the drive mechanism is decelerated independent of the stopping behavior set Parameter Operation mode according to stopping behavior 1 shutdown and switch-off.

Hardware features Integrated dynamic braking module DC link connection Standard HTL encoder interface Motor temperature monitoring Vetron power terminals up to 3kW Plug-in and programmable control terminals 6 digital input, 1 multifunction input 1 digital output, 1 multifunction output 1 relay output changeover contact Power range Power range: Vfctron time constant states the time for which the input signal is averaged by means of a low pass filter, e.


This assignment corresponds to an alignment to a central master control. Operation mode 0 -Error 1 -No Error Function The system bus master receives the emergency telegram and switches-off The Emergency Telegram is displayed as warning. Motor connection wire 3.

Examination Before Installation 2. As operation mode ; the nonfiglioli speed value is inverted. Via Castagnini, Z. Only one master can initiate by the system bus an exchange of data via its client SDO. The following pictograms and signal words are used for the purposes of the present documentation: The electronic thermal overload protection for motor: This method knows the pre-operational, operational and stopped states. Should you have any further questions, please feel bonfiglioki to contact your local distributor or regional representative.

Active Series : Bonfiglioli

Limitation Of Field Controller The EM-IO expansion module manuual been enclosed with the frequency inverter as a separate component and must be fitted by the user. This manual also for: Speed Sensor 2 Limitation Of Speed Controller Pipe conveying Screw conveyor. Page 18 Class A: In this way, both frequency inverters have a joint source of reference values and are given reference values in the internal notation. The percentage values of the characteristic points are relative to the maximum limits selected.

After that proceed on the set characteristic. A Power Disconnect or Circuit breaker must be installed between the AC power supply and the inverter. This completes the adjustment of the analog input. If set, they are ignored. The link of a data input to a data output is done via the assignment of parameters to source numbers.


Application and precautions of Peripherals From the Power Source Apply the power source at the correct rated voltage to prevent from damaging the inverter. Actual value comparison The expansion module provides additional operation modes for parameters Operation Mode Comparator 1 and Operation Mode Comparator 2 which are described in the operating instructions.

Active Series

The measurements for the adjustment are to be done with a suitable measuring instrument and the correct polarity. In order to be able to build up process data movement via the PDO channels between individual or a number bonfigliolo inverters transverse movementthe setting of the identifiers in the nodes has to be adapted.

The settings for the fixed value zero are: Operation mode 0 -SDO2 deactivated 1 -SDO2 activated Function Communication channel deactivated Communication channel activated for the visualization tool The identifier assignment for the second SDO channel is always to the specification: Relative to the application, the maximum current available will be reduced by the further control outputs in the basic device and the expansion module.

After Bus-OFF, the system bus in the frequency inverter is completely reinitialized. Functions Of Sensorless Control The documentation contains information on bonfoglioli correct for EMC.

Before any assembly or connection work, de-energize the frequency inverter. Page 14 Functional specification: