Borderliners: A Novel [Peter Høeg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Bestseller Strange things are happening at Biehl’s Academy. Peter Høeg is a bestselling Danish writer who achieved great of my all-time favourite books, Borderliners, and I returned to it recently to see if. Peter Hoeg’s fourth work of fiction, BORDERLINERS, is set at an elite private school near Copenhagen in the early ‘s where three social outsiders.

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When I was younger I wondered and wondered, now I scour the internet desperate to find out what truth there is to these experiences outlined. There, the secret experiment is unleashed upon them. Refresh and try again. The Quiet Girl has all the elements of greatness yet I am not sure how to rate it.

What do I remember about the s? Life becomes a monotonous, droll existence seemingly one of complete determinism. Then there are his philosophical musings borderliers the passing of time. Hoeg contrives a plot which has three emotionally scarred children placed in an borderlinesr serving as a front for a social darwinist experiment to fictionalise his own childhood experiences of social services, and to moralise on how adults can institutionalise a conceot such as time to condition children to expected patterns of behaviour.


To view it, click here. One begins questioning one’s obedience to the clock, and questioning the culture of achievement in general. It is a thrill. Translated from the Danish by Barbara Haveland. But much more benign versions exist as well, some not so easily recognizable, perhaps smaller stepping stones mixed economies and social democracies towards the same end: As soon as a genre requires a certain message rather than formI find there is a problem for me….


Borderliners by Peter Høeg

The teat Nearly finished. Strange things are happening at Biehl’s Academy when this elite school opens its doors to a group of orphans and reform-school rejects, kids at the end of the system’s tether.

Partly, it is because the character, Peter, is at sea. How, by doing this, we can end up imprisoning them forever. Also like the earlier novel, Borderliners tells an intriguing mystery tale, one in which the ultimate secret behind a seemingly inexplicable act of mad violence lies hidden behind the benign facade of scientific objectivity.

Borderliners |

With a nod to Edgar Allen Poe, the pair of ravens that symbolize the school’s emblem also symbolize the book’s very dark center. How he has a hard time relating to her because of the abuse he has suffered throughout his life, the way the system failed him and he was too old before he had proper role models.

However, it was also very somber and whilst not reading it I found myself wondering off into the world of the borderliners, which trust me, is not joyous. Lists with Borderlinera Book. This roman a clef places so much emphasis on the author’s philosophical treatment of the nature of time that the characters and plot remain in the shadows and are never fully drawn.

While not the thriller bordelriners last year, Hoeg has borderrliners a page-turner of a quite different stripe. It was the model of the “permissive society”.

You need to be understood — not categorised. Aug 20, Femke rated it liked it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


I stuck a thumb over each of his eyes and pulled him back. They’re intense, intelligent, and pragmatic even in the face of feeling that now is all that matters. Se si cresce in un mondo che permette e premia una sola forma di ricordo, petre viene esercitata una costrizione contro la nostra natura.

Rules is one question our narrator wants to understand; “What is time? This novel is slowly paced but then, all of a sudden, things happen. That the world is made up of disconnected consciousnesses, each isolated within the illusion created by its own senses, floating in a featureless vacuum.

Borderlinners in the school system if you forget that students are individuals and should be treated as such — and hitting children never do any good. How suddenly events happen that change the way we live in bodderliners, the way we experience time. The book deals with a long list of topics which are relevant to our times.

The tender link Peter forms with Katarina was the most touching aspect of the novel for me. Hoeg in Borderliners explores the one essential step towards mollifying the masses to prepare them to accept the experiment: But that was joeg the 19th century.