Notes on the Cinematographer has ratings and reviews. Mariel said: Robert Bresson Notes on the Cinematographer is my philosophy book or self-he. Notes on the Cinematographer is a book by the French filmmaker Robert Bresson. It collects Bresson’s reflections on cinema written as short aphorisms. Notes on. Cinematography. Robert Bresson. Translated by Jonathan Griffin. Urizen Books As will become clear, “cinematography” for Bresson has the special.

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Collection of insights into making movies, an art Bresson calls “cinematography,” not to be confused with what’s commonly called cinematography or cinema.

Notes on the Cinematographer – Robert Bresson – Google Books

At least something not cold. There must be nothing extraneous or redundant: I don’t think he ever listened to much music later than Bach. He studied philosophy as a young man, as well as painting, an ideal pairing for the contemplative, ascetic cinema of Diary of a Country PriestPickpocket and A Man Escaped — all from the s, when the bulk of these notes were written. Jul 25, Justin rated it liked it. This book is a very spare and tight gem – ideal for both the c Noise, music, and silence.

Robert Bresson is one of my nresson favorite filmmakers – and this book doesn’t take away the man’s mysterious powers of the cinema. Huge Bresson fan; laud the ethos behind his approach to filmmaking; seen em all; respect the man immensely – Cinematographet going to be the detractor on this one; unfortunately this collection of notes cinematograppher really do much.

Notes on the Cinematographer

It’s like people really think that all these directors came on these scripts out of nowhere! Bresson wrote that there should be no music at all, unless instruments seen in thhe film. Also it’s just really breezy–the amount of time between when I started the book and when I “finished” it is substantial in terms of when I literally started and stopped but it only took like three actual sittings to read the whole thing cover to cover Here is part two with selected quotes from his book.


Jun 30, Aditya Watts rated it liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of cinemmatographer book, please sign up.

The crude real will not by itself yield truth. Sep 24, Tosh rated it it was amazing.

Robert Bresson “Notes On Cinematography” Book Part 2

Bresson’s treatment of his “Notes Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. The cinematographer is making a voyage of discovery on a unknown planet. Robert Bresson’s Notes on the Cinematographer are working memos which the great French director made for his own use. When you do not cinmeatographer what you are doing and what you are doing is cienmatographer best — that is inspiration.

There is a lot of silence in his films, and yet this very stillness draws in the viewer. I agree with the man’s ideas on a fundamental level; I would even go as far as to say that the principles he suggests here are most constructive f “To think it more natural for a movement to be made or a phrase said like this than like that is absurd, is meaningless in cinematography.

One thing I am not is a clear thinker. It actually is philosophy. An unsoul crushingly way to look at that.


Cinematography as Bresson explains it here is a unique form of writing. Kind of difficult to comprehend at times.

Others become arms to reach Failing which, they would appear false or sham. Your genius is not in the counterfeiting of nature actors, setsbut in your way of choosing and co-coordinating bits taken directly from it by machines. Unlike cinematography, looking for a truth in the real is fatal in the theater. Avoid paroxysms anger, terror, etc. What Bresson attempts is not easy, which is why in his forty-year career he has completed only thirteen features.

From the beings and things of nature, washed clean of all art and especially the art of drama, you will make an art. And the acting and the pretending and the making stuff out of everything and out of nothing. When you do n Ahhhhh, yes!!: Against the tactics of speed, of noise, set tactics of slowness, of silence.

Try on how someone says something to me, repeat it for between the lines stuff, if they are making fun of me or not. However, to me his later color films are his most astonishing achievements – chiefly A Gentle Creature, Lancelot of the Lake, and above all the Devil, Probably. This one seems to be key for Bresson, whose movies put the emphasis on the subjects and the personalities rather than the environment.

This is one of The Books.