malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas? Periz in primo proe*lio: Mane: ne ostendens. B. G. V. B. G. V. 2. 16 PORT OF EMBABCATIOX. myself under no little obligation to the .. the inva- sion of England, is said to have fixed his head-quarters at Pont de Briques^, 3 ” In Britanniam primo panim prospere tempestatibus adversis trajecit. Brique de 20 rectifiée R= BOUYER LEROUX – bio’bric bgv’primo – Briques de 20 rectifiées collées à joint mince en terre cuite de type «BGV 4G.

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Bene equidem tibi di’co, qui te digna ut eueniant precor. By felUng trees and laying them lengthwise they had formed a stockade, and, as the wood was tra- versed in all directions by alleys or lanes, the cavalry and charioteers could issue from their covert at any moment. Even if the identical walls which remain were not reared by Caesar, it is still open to conjecture that his naval camp was on this spot, and that the Eomans of an after-age adopted his plan, and built the present gigantic rampart in the place of a more hasty circumvallation thrown up by the great captain.

Neque qui’cquam umquam illis profui, qui me sibi eduxerunt.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

Quemne ego excepi m mari TR. Vindicate, ne fnpiorum p6tior sit pollentia Quam mnocentum, qui se scelere fieri nolunt nobilis: After space of 2 lines B. Volup est quom istuc ex pietate uostra uobis c6ntigit. Pulm6neum edepol ni’mis uelim uomitum uomas. Brjque Appendix on 1.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

Sed istuc periclum perlubet quod fuerit uobis scire. Fiet tibi puniceum corium, postea atrum denuo. Negas quod oculis ui’deo? Immo briqus tibi, mea uoluptas, quae uoles faciam 6mnia. At heVcle nobis ui’lla in terra et tdgulae. It does not follow, however, that, because there had been a bridge, Ca3sar did not here ford the river ; on the contrary, the circumstance rather favours the supposition that he did.

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Ago cum ilia, ne quid noceat meis popularibus. Meas qui’dem ted inuito et Venere et summo loue De ara bvg iam deripiam. It appears to have communicated no striking intelligence, but was a mere summary. The castle above shows that the builders knew where a fortress should be placed. Tanto flli melius optigit qui peVdidit: EM As, mulierem est M. The lowlands about Walmer or Deal would not be visible ; and it is at least doubtful whether Volusenus had included them in his survey.

Accessum est ad Britanniam omnibus navibus meridiano fere tempore. At all events, an arrangement was come to by which Cassivelaun was to give hostages for his good faith, and Britain was nomin- ally to pay a fixed annual tribute: A httle above the town is the village of Isques, at Pont de Briques. Metuo hercle ne ilia mulier briqu insidias locet, Vt conprehendar cum sacra urna Veneria.

Fraudis, sceleris, parricidi, periuri plemssuim S, Legirupa, inpudens, inpurus, inuerecundissumus: Harris’s History of Kent gives an old map from Dugdale, which represents two islands before Hythe, and a long gut that alluded to by Leland running eastward. After this verse A has a verse beginning with T, which does not appear inM. Nempe hie tuos est? Four pages in As, legible.

One of the reasons which Caesar assigns for this substitution of small row-boats for the heavier class of vessels, which had before carried each, appears not to be so weU foimded as most of Caesar’s conclusions. Meum quod rete atque hami nancti sunt, meum poti’s- sumumst.

The latter was unquestionably a British settlement, as the name implies, and about years after this was one of the first, if not the first, city in Britain, TacAnn, xiv. Briquee sane in Veneris fanum hue fntro: Besides, the troops of Kent and Eegnum or Sussex only were now opposed to the invader.


The present case is more difficult because ubi refers to the antecedent uillam ; but we may transl. Gripe, quod tu istum talentum poscis? Ausu’s etiam conparare ui’dulum cum piscibus?

Caesar, therefore, gave the word of command, and the ships, so far as the shelving shore permitted, were run upon the beach. Only parts of the original codex are extant those which the scribe of the 7th or 8th century with cruel priimo preserved for the reception of his copy of the Books of Kings, defacing as far as he could one of the most valuable and briqe codices of any Latin author.

M archetype defaced at end of f. Quin tu i dierecta cum sucula et cum porculis. The port, also, could never have been larger than at pre- sent, and could not, therefore, have containedor if we vrique tendersvessels, on the occasion of the second expedition. The Britons were no doubt far behind the Komans in discipline, and Cassivelaun may not have been a match for Caesar in strategy ; yet the islanders displayed such an indomi- ‘ ” Un fait me paxait trancher la question: Ni offerumentas habebis pluris in tergo tuo Quam ulla nauis longa clauos, turn ego ero mendacfssu- mus.

Instead of that, he foimd the usual ports occupied by infantry and cavalry in martial array, and was obhged to seek a place of debarcation eight miles off, and was then so resolutely opposed as to effect a priko at a great sacrifice of life.

The south side was guarded by the Thames ; the north they might think sufficiently guarded by the forest. Caesar on reaching Limne was under some anxiety how to transport his troops. Et ubi ille cum ero se”ruos hue aduenerit, Qui erum arcessiuit, itote extemplo domum.