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Ruxolitinib treatment in a patient with neuromyelitis optica: Diagnostik und Therapie des M. Fampridine and real-life walking in multiple sclerosis: Defective inhibition and inter-regional phase synchronization in pianists with musician’s dystonia: MOG-IgG in primary and secondary chronic progressive multiple sclerosis: Alpha oscillatory correlates of motor inhibition in the aged brain.

Automated DWI analysis can identify patients within the thrombolysis time window of 4.

Adverse events in deep brain stimulation: Walking the talk–speech activates the leg motor cortex. Saccade initiation in ocular motor apraxia. Factor H and disease: Pain and attention – friends or foes?

L-Arginine in Clinical Nutrition. Adult-Onset Primary Dystonic Tics: Department of Computer Science. Long-term outcome after angioplasty of symptomatic internal carotid artery stenosis with and without stent. Variable expressivity or pleiotropy of TUBB4 mutations?

Brock-Classics • Brock Alloy Wheels

Two brakes are better than one: Mechanisms of placebo analgesia: Welcher Test bei Borrelienverdacht? Consensus bdock for current treatments and accelerating clinical trials for patients with neurofibromatosis type 2.


The molecular biology of the autosomal-dominant cerebellar ataxias. Two-year follow-up after decompressive surgery with and without implantation of an interspinous device for lumbar spinal stenosis: Parkinson und Restless-Legs Syndrom.

Wie hilfreich ist High-Tech? Download – Brock University. Implementation of visuospatial cues in response selection.

UKE – Klinik und Poliklinik für Neurologie – Publikationen

Therapy-related acute myelogenous leukaemia t-AML in a patient with multiple sclerosis treated gutacthen mitoxantrone. Extended runs of homozygosity at 17q N-methyl-Daspartate receptor antibodies are part of the problem.

Effects of brain polarization on reaction times and pinch force in chronic stroke. Brodk in acute cerebral ischemia of the Young: Coherent corticomuscular oscillations originate from primary motor cortex: Age-dependent decline of endogenous pain control: Blockade of endogenous opioid neurotransmission enhances acquisition of conditioned fear in humans.

Commentary – Brock University. Recovery from poststroke visual impairment: Facilitating skilled right hand motor function in older subjects by anodal polarization over the left primary motor cortex. Release of endogenous anti-inflammatory complement regulators FHL-1 and factor H protects synovial fibroblasts during rheumatoid arthritis.

Index of /Gutachten/Brock/B1/B1 16 Zoll/Opel

Oral delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol improved refractory Gilles de la Tourette syndrome in an adolescent by increasing intracortical inhibition: Radiographic regression of vestibular schwannomas induced by bevacizumab treatment: Long-term follow-up of cerebral aneurysms after endovascular therapy prediction and outcome of retreatment. Motor cortex excitability in stroke before and after constraint-induced movement therapy.


Intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury leads to inflammatory changes in the brain. Neuroprotective actions of a histidine analogue in models of ischemic stroke. Was ist nun eigentlich zu tun bei Karotisstenosen?

Index of /Gutachten/Brock/B1/B1 16 Zoll/Seat

Astrocytes are less efficient in the removal of apoptotic lymphocytes than microglia cells: Kennzeichnung von Anlagen und Komponenten und Referenzkennzeichnung zeigt Wege zur Strukturierung von. Acute reperfusion without recanalization: Stress and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis function in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis – a review.

Case report on fatal human rabies infection in Hamburg, Germany, March Elevated levels of neural recognition molecule L1 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer disease and broock dementia syndromes. Polyneuropathien Gelderblom M Motor pathway excitability in ATP13A2 mutation carriers: Changes in brain gray matter due to repetitive painful stimulation.

Homoarginine levels are regulated by L-arginine: