“Hi experts, Can any one post sample bteq script. My requirement is to unload a table with a tera data sql query in to a file whos efileds are pipe delimited. BTEQ can be used as a Query tool, to load data a row at a time into Teradata and to export data off of Teradata Below is the example of BTEQ IMPORT Script. This topic describes the commands that are used in the BTEQ script when configuring Teradata Alerts.

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Sign up using Facebook. All Linux Man Pages. Further guessing, because BTEQ is mentioned in the name for the log file, in that.

Bteq script to read and execute query from a table – Teradata Community

At the top of the script. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Rudic, what chage you are suggesting in order to make it work? You might want to refine this by having a more restrictive search for example: But I also know nothing about how your database is setup to evaluate if the rest is valid.


View Public Profile for Scrutinizer. Shell Programming and Scripting. XYZ No, everything “echo’d” out will just be run by the terminal. I want to pass ‘Date’ variable from shell script into the BTEQ file so that the query that executes takes that ‘date’ into account.

How to execute one shell script after execution of another shell script? Pleasehelp me overcome them. Use Export Reset command to achieve the same in one script. Call a function in shell scripf from another shell script. Then it doesn’t help my scgipt since everytime this function runs it consider the system date and modifies accordingly. Questions seeking debugging help ” why isn’t this code working? If that is added in the.

Unable to pass shell script variable to awk command in same shell script. The value of RUNDATE should be assigned at the starting of the shell script, basically, it should be read only once and should remain same throughout the batch process i. The sed command will change all occurrences of the keyword Rundate.


I have scriot my question. Tags scripscriptshellshell scriptshell scriptsteradata.

Then this is not parsed by bteq? BUT if table does not exists, it still goes to drop it, which I do not want it to do. What I don’t want: Questions without a clear problem statement are not useful to other readers.

The time now is Email Required, but never shown. Is this script valid?

Teradata – BTEQ

Add as many as you want separated by a semi colon. You can simply update your script to change scirpt keyword Rundate in your.

I have a shell script. Code is working fine if table exists.