ULC is pleased to announce the publication of the Fifth Edition of CAN/ULC- S, Standard for. Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems. This National. Fire Alarm Inspection, Maintenance, and Service by Anubis Systems Technologies. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected.

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These are cn units that provide an interconnection to conventionally wired devices like manual pull stations, sprinkler isolation valves, flow switches, low air and the like; If your system employs a UDACT communicator, the technician must ensure that appropriate signals generated by the system during the testing must be received at the monitoring station; Field addressable relay modules must be listed on the Cab Device Test Recordand their locations and function documented.

CAN/ULC-S Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

They incorporate an internal sounder and some also have a visible notification component strobe light to provide a localized alarm signal. Plugging of sprinklers found during activation or alteration? Operation of the fire signal receiving centre transmitter bypass means results in a specific I trouble indication at the fire alarm control unit csn transponder Operation of the fire signal receiving centre disconnect means transmits a trouble signal to J the fire signal receiving centre.


Required Building Code Alarm Operation: Audible trouble signal operates. Alarm valves shall be inspected externally.

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Steam from your hot bath, shower, or uoc dishwasher may accidentally “set-off” one of these units. The pump manufacturer may specify additional testing requirements. Visual trouble signal operates. Input circuit to output circuit operation, including ancillary device circuits for correct Z program operation, as per design and specification, or documentation as detailed in Appendix E, Description of Fire Alarm System for Inspection and Test Procedures.

Switches for ancillary functions operate as per design and specification. H Confirm that 40 trouble transmission to the fire signal receiving centre is received.

Standards Council of Canada

Date of last compressor service: Oil level in normal check sight glass Wet pit suction screens are unobstructed and properly ss536 Condition of oil in sight glass? A B C Input wiring from control unit or transponder is supervised. The fire signal receiving centre ULC certification number is: Diesel Natural Gas Other: Low Pressure supervisory device inspected and tested. For more information you can email us or telephone Check heat trace controller interconnection to fire alarm system.

Yes No Ca Temperature: Low temperature supervisory device tested. Remote trouble signal unit identification: In this instance the detectors are powered by a stand-by battery that will ensure continued protection even in the complete absence of electrical power or a “brown-out”.


Supporting field devices must also be listed. Modern smoke alarms will only switch low voltage i. Manual, semiautomatic, or dry standpipe valve operates smoothly? Building diagrams are on site that clearly indicate the type and location of all smoke control equipment fans, dampers, etc. Each device tested while connected to control unit?

CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Magnetic door holder release activated by fire alarm system? Cap gaskets in place and in good condition? Record of broken mains ss536 the vicinity?

AH R Record the battery terminal voltage d536 tests are completed. Trouble signal silence switch operates. Record anti-freeze Specific Gravity: Ionization type smoke detectors utilize a small source of radioactive material usually Americium that in fact ionizes airborne particulates and attracts them to to one side or the other of a polarized grid.

Ancillary functions visual indicators operates. Alarm valve free from damage, trim in correct position, and no leakage? Most fire alarm systems employ zoned annunciators so van fire fighting personnel can be dispatched to the proper area of the building. Swing out Racks – lubricate and ensure proper operation.

Recommended Additional Visual Inspection not mandated by the Standard: