Cart and Cwidder is the first in the best-selling Dalemark Quartet of books and tells the story of Moril and his brother and sister who are travelling musicians. In this fantasy adventure set in mystical Dalemark, the children of a murdered gypsy begin an investigation into their father’s death that has far-reaching. Written by Diana Wynne Jones, narrated by Huw Parmenter. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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But people depend on traveling minstrels for not only Originally published in Perhaps it’s the oppressive setting of the South, where there are few basic freedoms, perhaps it’s the fact th I’ve heard vague things about the Dalemark Quartet for a long time English Choose a language for shopping.

Cart and Cwidder – Wikipedia

I’ve heard vague things about the Dalemark Quartet for a long time It follows the family of an itinerant musician, Clennen Mendakersson, and his wife Lenina Thornsdaughter.

Cart and Cwidder is the first in the best-selling Dalemark Quartet of books an tells the story of Moril and his brother and sister who are travelling musicians journeying through Dalemark, until one day they pick up a mysterious passenger. Follow the link below to see my video review: Moril is a fantastic character, seemingly ordinary and likeable, but obviously designed for bigger things.

The first audiobook in the spellbinding, epic adventure series from ‘the Godmother of Fantasy’, Diana Wynne Jones. Man, was this ever dark and tense.

Cart and Cwidder – Dalemark Quartet 1 Book Summary and Study Guide

Then there is some discussion about reasons for doing things, and telling the truth and about performance, and it’s really lovely.

Moril and his brother and sister, driven both by suspicions that their mother’s new beau had something to do with the murder, and a lack of enthusiasm for a bourgeois lifestyle, take the cart and strike out on their own, agreeing to take the young man who had been their family’s passenger to his destination in the North. And this book didn’t always achieve that.


It is the first book published in the Dalemark Quartetalthough chronologically it is the third in the series, coming in time hundreds of years after The Spellcoats and a year or so after Drowned Ammet.

But is it enough to protect those he loves from the looming threat of war? Decided to start a reread of the series – Cart and Cwidder is a weird one for me because it’s the first book in the series, and it’s the beginning of so many characters and not just Moril and Kialan.

A dark enchantment blights the land.

Due to the conflict between north and south countries in the land of Dalemark, very few travellers move between them, with the exception of licensed musicians in their horse-drawn carts, entertaining the crowds wherever they stop. Share your thoughts with other customers. Want to Read saving….

To the North, people have more freedom, but life is a bit more hardscrabble in the cold and less productive climate. Format OverDrive Read 3.

Diana Wynn Jones has a rare and potent gift. The eagle, bear and fox he encounters reveal they’re actually Norse gods trapped in animal form by the evil frost giants who have conquered Asgard, the city of the gods Contents [ show ]. Some great life lessons too.

Cart and Cwidd Re-read. Every time you re-read a Jones book, you get something new and perhaps strange out of it. I think it’d be ideal for 10 to 16 year olds. Cart and Cwidder Embed.

Detailed Review Summary of Cart and Cwidder – Dalemark Quartet 1 by Diana Wynne Jones

The realizations Moril comes to are really excellent, but he comes to them by just sitting and reflecting most of cwider time. Aug 28, Harold Ogle rated it really liked it Shelves: DWJ is one of my favourite authors. As the first entry in a four-part series, Cart and Cwidder does a very good job of setting up the overarching structure of the whole.

Subjects Fantasy Young Adult Fiction.

Cart and Cwidder

The fact that it is unabridged was a massive bonus! No Reviews are Available. Howl’s Moving Castle The beginning of the book is a little slower paced, but once the ball gets rolling, it gets faster and faster and faster and never slows down again.

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I really liked it, though, caart expect to enjoy the rest of the series!

Please try again later. But when cwidddr take on a traveler, Kialan, to take him to the North, their happy life starts to unravel. However, after the battle, Moril is wracked with guilt, as he caused the deaths of hundreds of men, and mainly because he was angry that his beloved horse, Olob, had been shot. The walking mountains crush the attacking Southern army, killing the evil Earl of Cwidedr Dales, Clennen’s murderer, and saving the North.

Unlike the standard fantasy series, in which cwidver volume follows the continuing adventures of a single cast of characters – a series of tunes played on the same set of instruments – this one really is designed as a “quartet”. Intriguing, a complete world filled with great characters and a wonderful look at our own world and ideas through fantasy. About the Author Diana Wynne Jones has won the Guardian Award for fiction and has written vart twenty novels in less than twenty years.

But I loved getting back into this world. Dark Lord of Derkholm Year of the Griffin That makes her book that most wonderful and glorious of things, immanently re-readable. The mother is almost a non-entity. Qnd and Cwidder is the story of Moril Clennensson and his family of travelling Singers.

Maybe it isn’t meant to be, as a xwidder towards the audience. I have read this book many times since childhood! Everybody says that Gwendolyn Chant is a gifted witch with astonishing powers, so it suits her enormously when she is taken to live in Chrestomanci Castle.