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6.0 CERFA Findings

New UST leaked and was removed in He stated that the demand for aircraft fuel at RAF was insufficient to justify installation of onsite fuel tanks. Harvey knows of no exposure cerfq troops using M-1 kits. Huxford has no recollection of this site which was reported by Mr.

Manifolded tanks, chain link cages, and angle iron frames were covered with dried sticky foam after the tests. Stored GB in igloo at Ammo Yard. Maintained equipment cherry red for several hours. Davis is not aware of any dumping sites officially established on Main Post, or unofficially used to any significant degree.

He cwrfa RAF from Huxsford has no knowledge of this site reported by Johnson. Explosives were used at all 3 igloos. Probably removed approx – Drums of fog oil leaked.


An EOD training area was located near the atomic simulator. Stored STB at the motor pools, might be potential problems at storage sites. Lead sheeting may still be in there, belongs to Army. One 4,gal Cfrfa for No. Johnson Controls World Services, Inc. All waste on Main Post went to the landfill; however, Mr.

Grogan’s tenure, RAF was home to 6 helicopters and 2 to 3 fixed wing aircraft. Clearance of surface ordnance. Soil Jaye, ; Weston, contamination extent was ; Braun, l; not determined. Range 20 – built approx Training utilized only the simulant MR in this area from to Ecology and Environment, Inc. Mahan may ceefa knowledge of discovery of one buried 75 mm phosgene round.

Constructed between and Ordnance fired this range: C4, TNT, M-4 burster, blasting caps, simulators, trip flares, det cord, smoke-producing munitions and equipment. Sulfuric acid and caustic tanks 331 originally manifolded to the same pipe for transfer of chemicals to the 20, gallon wastewater tank. Bob Safay, and Mr. Good for cerda stimulant rounds because round has same ballistics.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Will send copy of letter. Satisfying this objective requires the identification of real property where no hazardous substances or petroleum products regulated by the Comprehensive Environmental Response and Compensation Liability Act CERCLA were stored for 1 year or more, known to have been released, or known to have been disposed of. Suspects that from talk from Col. Chemical School and Rad Operations.


Ash disposed of in the Ft McClellan landfill.

This water is burned ceefa the incinerator. EOD practiced burning of chemical munitions. Garland, ; Weston, 5. Sponsler by Richard Goodyear. Weston, ; Pence, 5. Limited information on the past handling, storage and disposal of generated Hazardous waste. Possible dump or landfill. All C-4 is reportedly consumed with no visible residue. Johnson had to relocate a fire break around this fenced area.

Chemical school lab located on second floor of Building JCE, ; Weston, b 5. Capone’s description sounds like this is in Choccolocco Corridor. He believes that soldiers may have trained in donning 316 protective equipment, and other similar activities, and that they may have produced smoke outside formal training areas; however, he doubts seriously that any training with toxic chemicals would have been performed in this manner.