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Agent and DS2 cause an oily sheen on water. Washrack bypass closed permanently. Also a photo lab was housed in here. Police area after firing. Area requires further evaluation. FoundationBasic status is unevaluated. This range is now licensed to the ATF for 38 cal pistol and 45 cal machine gun, and shotgun training. There are buildings which contain lead based paint in ecrfa, but no major problems and no abatement planned at this time. February 26, First.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Contaminated equipment with agent heavily used several gallons. Transformer Leak on Pelham Range. Prior tothis range supported tank Tables 1, 2, and 3; cefra gun practice using various caliber weapons.


Stored marking paint, paint spray guns, paint thinner, and small quantities of Tordon pellets in this building. If the EBS indicates that hazardous substances or petroleum products have been released, disposed of, or stored at the area, it is disqualified as a CERFA Cerfw 1 parcel and must be placed in one of the six other categories described in the following paragraphs. This is where found the chem rounds used PINS to confirm absence of agent.

Memorandum prepared by B. No ADEM, a groundwater contamination assessment. Starting inall refueling was conducted at the Anniston Airport.

No closure report for the UST is on file. Found to be non-hazardous for the analyzed parameters. He suspects that fuel leaks, and fluids changed during maintenance may be cause of environmental concern, although he has no personal knowledge cerfq maintenance operations.

Bragg hunted in Choccolocco Corridor as a youngster. Cracked with C4 explosive. He suggests that derfa occurred outside currently known training areas but has no knowledge of specifics of these training exercises.


Training Map of Pelham Range. Presence of radiological issues May, 5. Oil-stained soil was removed for parking area.

Walked through decontamination shuffle pit at Howitzer Hill and again at the PDS this to decontaminate boots. Need to confirm visually.

6.0 CERFA Findings

Leaking 1,gal heating oil UST Tank was replaced. Temporary buildings on hill, metal hangar at the air strip, was about the extent of the facility. Cerfx rounds ceerfa at FTMC are self contained; the propellant is an integral, internal component of the round. Copper-clad shaped charges were replaced by linear shaped charges a lead-clad explosive. Presence of lead based paint. All waste on Main Post went to the landfill; however, Mr. Operational Office of the Post history is unknown.

Army Corps of Engineers, St.