Note that every unqualified variable is automatically considered to be in context this, so that a reference to the variable $(foo) is identical to referencing. CFEngine Homepage. Version Design Center ยท Enterprise API Reference; Syntax, identifiers and names The CFEngine 3 language has a few simple rules. The purpose of the cfengine reference manual is to collect together and document the raw facts about the different components of cfengine. Once you have.

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If the quoted string is not contained in the line, it is appended.

Referencf new files appear, new links will be added. This file shows you what you could do in an environment with inexperienced users, but please don’t feel as though you have to be this totalitarian.

Cfengine will refuse to edit a file cfenyine is larger than the value of editfilesize in bytes. If you insist on keeping mounted file systems referencf more than one location, you can make a list like this:. For example, the form of the filesystem table is quite radically different on some systems such as AIX. It is suggested that you use these editing functions with caution. If a directory does not exist, or contains fewer than sensiblecount files, then it also fails the test and a warning is issued.

It need not exist at all! An alternative to using disable would be to use tidybut then you lose the file once and for all.

In cases where you ask cfengine to fix the ownership automatically, the owner will be set to the first owner in the list if and only if it is xfengine one of the named uids in the list. Function maplistPrevious: Function hashmatchPrevious: The form of the command is similar to that of files but this command is only used to create new directories. An access control list is an extended file permission. Using the help scripts. Here is an example containing the full list of possibilities:.


CFEngine Reference

Function getenvPrevious: If you have a contribution to make, please send it to help-cfengine gnu. Note that there are cfenggine hanging pine and elm processes. Work directoryUp: Example configuration fileUp: They are used as follows:. Function lastnodeUp: Function islessthanUp: ReplaceAll WithUp: The Windows version of CFEngine Enterprise defines hard classes to pinpoint the exact version of Windows that it is cfenginee on, the service cengine version and if it’s a server or workstation.

Under normal circumstances exclude is always true — because you have defined it to be so, but you can undefine it in two ways so as to prevent the action from being carried out. Here is an example:.

What you can do instead is to achieve the same this as follows:. Function getenvUp: Function lastnodePrevious: Although all possible safeguards have been incorporated into them, it is still possible through carelessness to do damage to important files on your system.

CFEngine reference manual

Directories and files may also be checked and created using the touch option in the files actions. Function isvariablePrevious: To help cfengine determine classes which might become defined during a run, you can declare them in this list.

The procedure cfengine adopts is to go through its list of mountables, keeping only those mountable resources which belong to defined binary servers for the current host.


Function getindicesUp: The problem is the central login file distributed with solaris. AppendIfNoSuchLine quoted-string Add a line containing the quoted string rsference the end of the file if the file doesn’t contain the exact line already. The wildcard home may be used instead of an explicit directory, in which case cfengine iterates over all home directories.

Every bit which is set is a network address and every bit which is zero is part of a host address.

X11 Don’t tidy emacs locks! Any host in the group Physics would now want to mount all home directories from the host einstein. ReplaceLineWith quoted-string Replace the line at the current position with the text in the quoted string.

Link ChildrenUp: Backup in editfilesPrevious: Referwnce include symbolic links, file groups, user and group identifiers. The easiest way to understand this feature is to illustrate a couple of examples.

Cfengine v2 reference

This should normally only be used to monitor binary files which one would not cfentine to change often. Function ldapvalueUp: BeginGroupIfNoMatch quoted-regex The lines following, up to the first EndGroup are executed if the quoted regular expression does not match the current line. ReplaceAll quoted-regex With quoted-string Replace all instances of strings matching the regular expression in the first quotes with referecne exact string in the second set of quotes, throughout the current file.

A complete configurationUp: Symbolic links may specify two special types.