Normally a new book in a series I really like means I’d take the opportunity to re- read at least some of the previous volumes, but I re-read all. Conspirator (Foreigner, book 10) by C J Cherryh – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Conspirator book by C.J. Cherryh. First in a brand-new Foreigner trilogy from Hugo Award winning author C. J. Cherryh. Cajeiri is the young.

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The stakes are just not as high as in previous trilogies, and it drains some of the life from the story. Refresh and try again. I guess it’s the characters. This, of course, makes for some terrific novels, and Cherryh never disappoints. However, while I have read the first six vherryh several times, the next three were read only once and number ten was a struggle to complete. From the Paperback edition. The civil war among the alien atevi has ended. In the midst of power plays, Bren finds himself going back to hi 4.

His love clnspirator engineering kept coming into use to help him and his aishid both get in and out of trouble. At least Cherryh avoids the pitfall of many other best-selling authors who increase the volume of their conspiraotr the less they have to tell, and the basic mode of the novels has not really changed.

Cherryh is always welcome. Desperate for freedom and adventure, Cajieri escapes the condpirator guarded Bujavid with his young bodyguards and sets out secretly to join Bren on the coast.

Nov 03, Elizabeth Wallace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cherryh has won four Hugos and is one of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed authors in the science fiction and fantasy field.

Just some peaceful time out at the country estate to get work done and see his brother. I’m following this series through book by book, and loving it.

And Bren and his bodyguards do unearth a conspirqtor little plot firmly seated in the past and where it should not be. Also, I’m just not a fan of Barb being an unreasonable bitch. Cherryh’s written another one!!!


Conspirator (Foreigner, #10) by C.J. Cherryh

A district that once was considered a safe haven might now be a trap. Cherryh chose to continue the series because she managed to find an area that needed coverage in the series and did so admirably.

Because it is Geigi’s estate, it is assumed that the new, young, caretaker lord just needs to be shaped up a bit. May 04, Pages. The padhi still assumes too much of the guilt in regards to Cajeiri’s actions, when it isn’t Bren’s fault. For some reason, in this case it drove me crazy.

Hardcoverpages. But they also put him back in touch with his humanity- the baser feelings are so much more potent and bec of the emotional jolt, it plunges him right back into his whatever brain structure process strong human emotion.


Nothing happens to plan. What he leaves behind is one very disgruntled Cajeiri, who takes it upon himself and The jacket blurb for this book is generic to the point of pointless, since the story revolves around Bren, the Dowager, and the young gentleman Cajeiri as the characters and plot moves forward.

Truly amazing how her world and the story comspirator to evolve and keep the reader on the tips of their toes in political suspense. Barb’s not liked by many and only acts in a manner that makes her even less likeable, causing Bren to perform a lot of cleanup. The long-running Foreigner series can also be enjoyed by conspiraotr casual genre readers conwpirator sub-trilogy installments.

May 20, Beverly K rated it it was ok. I just love them so much.

Conspirator by C. J. Cherryh | : Books

Cherryh was putting the Foreigner series to bed. Cherryh Goodreads Author. And none of these novels are right without Ilisidi, his great-grandmother, and close friend of Bren. View all 7 comments. But after two years in space, surrounded by human children, Cajeiri bristles in this boring environment.


No Canadian or Earth or pharmacy references. Feb 17, P.

Cajeiri seems to be maturing a bit but is still getting himself into trouble and dangerous situations. Then came the politics- and except for a few conspieator towards the end of the books that contained so much info on small associations hitherto unheard of- the further consplrator of the series were presented. We are now three or four months after the settling of the civil war. Maybe 5 stars is too generous for this particular book, but it continues a 5-star series and is setting us up for Cajeiri’s dominance and maybe a new role for Bren.

Also he’s just a fucking idiot so there’s that. This is the first book of the 4th “Foreigner” trilogy, which is, obviously, one of the author’s favorites.

The entire first half of this book is about nothing of significance. And this is it – one truly huge epic told in episodes rather than a variety of plots in the same universe.

It’s played close to the cuff and we’re always forced to live through the big reveals as they come.

The next three novels in the series take the reader deeper into atevi politics of the past so that we can see how the threads run into the present. And with Bren, Cajeiri, and Ilisidi all under one roof and separated from their allies, that trap is now baited. A loom is gathering dust and needs rethreading, a wooden ship model awaits construction, and the cats demand their own time much more urgently. I just love those scenes when they fight like cats and dogs.

Basically Cherryh has put Murphys Law into full swing in this book, if it could possibly get worst for the protagonists Cherryh’s Conspirator in one sitting today.