The Clash of Civilizations is a hypothesis that people’s cultural and religious identities will be the primary source of conflict in the post-Cold War world. The American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington argued that future .. Barbé, Philippe, “L’Anti-Choc des Civilisations: Méditations Méditerranéennes”, Editions de l’Aube. Samuel Huntington argues in his landmark essay that after the Cold War, conflicts over cultural and religious identity will dominate global politics. Le choc des civilisations by Samuel P Huntington, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He argues there is no “Islamic civilization” nor a “Western civilization”, and that the evidence for a civilization clash is not convincing, especially when considering relationships such as that between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Muslim, Western and Orthodox. I, eds copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following licenses:.

More recent factors contributing to a Western—Islamic clash, Huntington wrote, are the Islamic Resurgence and demographic explosion in Islam, coupled with the values of Western universalism—that is, the view that all civilizations should adopt Western values—that infuriate Islamic fundamentalists. Western civilization is no exception.

The Clash of Civilizations and International Conflict. According to Huntington, the West is distinguished from Orthodox Christian countries by its experience of the RenaissanceReformationthe Enlightenment ; by overseas colonialism rather than contiguous expansion and colonialism; and huntingtno the infusion of Classical culture through ancient Greece rather than through the continuous trajectory of the Byzantine Empire. Trade Policy — Economics”.

From Oslo to Iraq and the Road Map. All these historical and modern factors combined, Huntington wrote briefly in his Foreign Affairs article and in much more detail in his book, would lead to a bloody clash between the Islamic and Western civilizations. According to Berman, conflict arises because of philosophical beliefs various groups share or do not shareregardless of cultural or religious identity. The following other wikis use this file: Journal of Peace Research.


However, Kitsikis establishes an integrated civilization comprising these two peoples huntinfton with cho belonging to the less dominant religions of Shia IslamAlevismand Judaism.

Clash of Civilizations – Wikipedia

The following page uses this file: In Huntington’s view, East Asian Sinic civilization is culturally asserting itself and its values relative to the West due civilksations its rapid economic growth. Civilisations as depicted in Samuel P. It was proposed in a lecture [1] at the American Enterprise Institutewhich was then developed in a Foreign Affairs article titled “The Clash of Civilizations?

Huntington also believes that some of the factors contributing to this conflict are that both Christianity upon which Western civilization is based and Islam are:.

File:Clash of Civilizations world map.png

International Studies Quarterly, 45, pp. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the huntingtln endorses you or your use. Clash of Civilizations map.

In the Intermediate Region, therefore, one cannot speak of a civilizational clash or external conflict, but rather an internal conflict, not for cultural domination, but for political succession. Views View Edit History. Regional powers such as the two Koreas and Vietnam will acquiesce to Chinese demands and become more supportive of China rather than attempting to oppose it.

Third, the elites of the civilization that the torn country huntinhton trying to join must accept the country. Japan, China and the Four Asian Tigers huntingtkn modernized in many respects while maintaining traditional or authoritarian societies which distinguish them from the West.

Lechner FJ, Boli J, editors. Then, we will regain the Turkish public opinion support in one day. Wars such as those following the break up of Yugoslaviain Chechnyaand between India and Pakistan were cited as evidence of inter-civilizational conflict. Sudan and South Sudan are shown with the new international border between them. International Politics, 42, pp. Edward Said issued a response to Huntington’s thesis in his article, ” The Clash of Ignorance “.

This conflict dates back covilisations far as the initial thrust of Islam into Europeits eventual expulsion in the Iberian reconquestthe attacks of the Ottoman Turks on Eastern Europe and Vienna, and the European imperial division of the Islamic nations in the s and s. Testing Cultural Legacies and huntinvton Civilization Border. Mexico and Russia are also considered to be torn by Huntington.


He offers three hunrington of general actions that non-Western civilization can take in response to Western countries. Russia, Japan, and India are what Huntington terms ‘swing civilizations’ and may favor either side. This article contains weasel words: Huntington argues that the Islamic civilization has experienced a massive population explosion which is fueling instability both on the borders of Islam and in its interior, where fundamentalist movements are becoming increasingly popular.

Huntington argues that a ” Sino-Islamic connection ” is emerging in which China will cooperate more closely with IranPakistan, and other states to augment its international position. Specifically, he believes that China’s goals are to reassert itself as the regional hegemonand that other countries in the region will ‘bandwagon’ with China due to the history of hierarchical command structures implicit in the Confucian Sinic civilization, as opposed to the individualism and pluralism valued in the West.

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Le choc des civilisations

Manifestations of what he terms the ” Islamic Resurgence ” include the Iranian revolution and the first Gulf War.

Bosnia is a mix of three civilizations: Cultures in world affairs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Huntington refers to countries that are seeking to affiliate with another civilization as “torn countries”. To buntington in this a historical commitment of the West—over the millennia—to democracy, and then to contrast it with non-Western traditions treating each as monolithic would be a great mistake.