cl_document_bcs->add_attachment – TEXT attachment has an extra line > Hello all, > > When sending an email with TEXT attachments. **add attachment name CLEAR L_ATTSUBJECT. DATA: LO_DOCUMENT TYPE REF TO CL_DOCUMENT_BCS VALUE IS INITIAL. DATA document TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs. document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document( document->add_attachment.

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SAP Sample Programs: Send PDF attachment to email

Summary This article will be helpful to More information. SAP offers no guarantees and assumes no responsibility or liability of any type with respect to the content of this technical article or code sample, including any cl_odcument_bcs resulting from incompatibility between the content within this document and the materials and services offered by SAP.

Summary This article helps to achieve BW statistics of the system which will help a user to calculate the performance for a particular More information. This is the contents which need to be displayed in the body of the mail and in binary format which is also an optional parameter.

This parameter is set only when we need to send the copy of the message. For more information, please More information. Summary In This article, I am going. Now let us see the entire code of the mailing part. Technically email is a binary document, we need to add document to the email object.


Max (Maxim) Titov IV @ TechSplice ยป SAP ABAP: Send Email with attached Internal Table XLS file

For more information, visit the Customer Relationship Management homepage Summary. In real time most of the applications using emails need to send data as a attachment, in the below tutorial you will learn how to send email with attachment. Summary This document states how to create Web Service from.

Summary This article describes the basics of SAP workflow in very simple terms along with the basic terminology. Confidentiality of the mail which is also an optional parameter. Summary There is an increasing. For more information, visit the Customer Relationship More information. Summary Through this document the reader.

Creating Transaction and Screen Variants Applies to: Summary These documents describe. Summary This document is the second installment of a 6 part Query Designer Training guide for.

Here we can use text-elements to update into the internal table because HTML coding starting with will be treated as comment in SAP so we can use text elements for such type of statements. Summary This article describes how to create custom overview page in ESS and assigning the. Subject of the Attachment. Via BCS different objects with attachments and notes for several receivers can be sent also in different communication ways.


Step by Step Process of Preparing with HTML body and HTML Attachment

Summary Fetch the delta on multiple fields More information. For more information, visit the EDW homepage Summary This document helps you to understand the detailed step by. For more information, cl_docuent_bcs the Customer Relationship. A sending process breaks down into the following steps: Summary This document deals with the various data display options available More information. Summary This article guides the how to technique for creating More information.


Summary This tutorial is starting point for a series of tutorials More information. Sending cl_documemt_bcs Email using Classes and its Methods. Summary This document states how to create Web Service from More information. Summary The article describes the benefits of SO10 objects in comparison More information.

The default value is ‘5’. Summary This document will provide. Text Symbols used in the above Example: Enter Text on Image. Steps involved Emailing the Attachment: For more information, visit the EDW Homepage.

The method used here for creating and Emailing an attachment is very lucid i. Summary This article describes how to create custom overview page in ESS and assigning the More information. In such cases we can set send immediately for the send request.

For more information, visit the Business Intelligence homepage Summary This paper discusses how More information.