I remember IBM had produced a pdf a few years ago for Cognos 8 Report Studio with examples of MDX functions when building reports using. Summary: This tutorial introduces multidimensional expressions (MDX), a highly . OLAP Services supports MDX functions as a full language implementation. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8 Report Studio Product(s): Cognos 8 Area of Interest: Report Design. Introduction To MDX Functions For Cognos 8.

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I have prompts on the report page, When I am not selecting any prompts the rank is working properly but when I select any prompt rank is not working.

Cognossimplified: MDX Functions in Report studio

As mentioned before if no hierarchy is selected in the member function, it will default to the measures. When nested in crosstabs they also worked. Since moving totals are applied based on the sorting, you need to first run that calculation, then sort afterwards.

Prompt pages should be fine, but prompts on the report page will need to have a default value set in the prompt macro. When working with dimensional data you need to remember to forget everything you know about SQL.

I want the line for the current year to stop after the current month has been reached. Consider the following request. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. There is one thing though that did not happen. Cognos will resolve that statement to children [Cube]. September 26, by CognosPaul 7 Comments. Unlock the report and use that variable as the render variable for the value in the intersections.


Please help me how to consider missing values in the expression. Post as a guest Name. In some reports they needed to show the entire Long Name, some they needed to show only the number, and some only the name itself. Hi Veirena, Are you showing the months from Fiscal Period inside the rows of your crosstab? Not the best work-around, but the only one I can think of.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The list should be standard: I would like to do a running count on the member.

Calculated members – eazyBI

Hi Paul, I have the same issue, I am taking categories from previous year as current year all categories are not added in the cube. December 29, by CognosPaul 11 Comments. In the current year I want the line to stop at previous week. If you need to create a modified version of an existing pre-defined calculated member then copy its calculation formula and create a new calculated member with a different name and modify copied calculation formula for the new calculated member.

In Report Studio I have a List there I want to use a data item with a tuple with two other members and a measure. I am using below expression to calculate the 3 day moving-average in my report, I have only Day level in my Time functkons.


I am able to do running count using your suggestion. What could be the problem. If you would like to define new calculated member then expand corresponding dimension e.

End of Support for Rational Insight 1.1.0

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. ID must be unique in the entire query 3. Normally I try to avoid if statements, but cognoa work well with measures.

Now that you know how to select different sets of dimension members you can calculate different aggregated values from these sets:. I am trying to make cobnos week 0 value to null, but still I see till 4th week. Try using the method I posted here.

Calculated members

Does it return the values you expect? Is there any way to do a running-total using a year dimension with a seperate month dimension? What you can do instead is reference the YTD as the default value in the prompt macro: The expression in the series is processed for each item in the ordinal axis.

Hi Priya, What happens if you remove the check for 0? Simple and to the point.