Slimdek Manual – Complete – Tata Steel construction . Corus Slimdek Bro. ( Page 2) – Tata Steel CORUS Student bridges v3 – Tata Steel construction. Quality, flexibility and durability are terms synomous with Corus sections and plates. Slimdek and Corefast solutions extend the range of cost-effective steel. Corus Advance sections brochure. Slimdek. Slimdek (Fig.3) is a shallow floor system that incorporates a rolled Asymmetric Slimflor Beam (ASB) with ComFlor.

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RIGHT TO USE Subject to your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as set forth on this page, you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this Program for the sole purpose of assisting in the selection or specification of products described in the program. Where forklift truck or other similar concentrated loading is expected, 0.

Factory tour — Insulated Panel Line at Shotton works.

Deck and beam deflection ie, ponding is not included in the table. ComFlor profile drawing.

Corus Slimdek |

Regular updates are sent to all registered users. The inclusion of a re-entrant allows for easy service attachment and services can be concealed within the large profile void. Deck and mesh weight is not included in the weight of concrete figures. At the normal design stage, however, the slab is always assumed to be simply supported dlimdek permanent supports. Anti-crack mesh As a minimum requirement where the control of crack width is of no interest, BS EN9. The design checks cours by the program cover the construction stage, the normal design stage and fire.

Due to an internal error, we couldn’t send your request. If you change your mind later about receiving emails from us, you can unsubscribe. I have read and accept the data protection statement. The slab may be propped or unpropped during construction and may also span over one or more permanent or temporary supports.


Easy service attachment and integration: In no event shall Tata Steel be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential, special, financial or economic losses, damages, costs claims or expenses including any loss of profits howsoever arising whether due to negligence or otherwise associated with the use, or inability to use, this Program. To request a CPD seminar please click here. Provides reduced overall floor height with fewer steel beams.

The latest version of this program is available via the Download button at the base of this page.

The specification may be varied, depending on service conditions. The mesh specified in the quick reference Eurocode tables, complies with this clause. Design support The Technical Department at Tata Steel offers a comprehensive advisory service on design of slikdek flooring, which is available to all specifiers and users. Zlimdek zinc coating, if specified, should conform to the requirements of BS EN By ticking this box you are agreeing to receive further information from us sli,dek email.

Save and Download Download all. By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Composite floor decking in construction. Combined 80mm deep round shouldered trapezoidal combined composite profile with long span capability. Contemporary new design of the original British re-entrant profile. The services we offer include:.

Superb span capability combined with composite performance: Risk in coruw use of this Program lies solely with the user. ComFlor load span tables. The most successful new generation combined 60mm profile.


Our team can also help with specialised design issues such as point loads, requirements for anti crack mesh, openings, etc. The optimised profile design gives superb span capability combined with composite performance with a very small concrete usage.

Design principles are in accordance with the appropriate parts of BS This website uses cookies. You agree not to copy, reverse compile or engineer, disassemble, or otherwise use this program, or permit others to do so, other than as specifically authorised in these Terms and Conditions.

In the double span codus, the spans may be equal or unequal.

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The ComFlor range at a glance. ComFlor technical drawing. This nominal cover of 25mm is the minimum cover of 15mm plus a fixing tolerance of 10mm. English We have forus detected your language settings. This is sufficient for internal floors in a non-aggressive environment, which satisfies the requirement in clause 4.

Need to speak to someone? Subject to your acceptance of these Terms sliimdek Conditions as set forth on this page, you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use this Program for the sole purpose of assisting in the selection or specification of products described in the program.

Structural roof decking in construction. Design calculations To assist the specifier, the team are able to provide design calculations, generally dictated by the construction stage condition, the load and span required for service and the fire resistance required for the slab.

Eurocode density of concrete is taken as: The services we offer include: