Overview. Fire Dragons are the dedicated tank-and-monster hunters of the Craftworlds armies; armed with some of the most devastating. Buy Warhammer 40k Codex: Craftworlds: Mini Table Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. This is why I’m not % convinced that Alaitoc is objectively better than the other Craftworlds. Alaitoc lists that typically spam Rangers.

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Set your 40kLore flair via the wondrous Flair Selection Page. Failure to do so may result in investigation by the Inquisition. You have been warned. Craftworlds Codex Lore Disappointing self. Was anyone else disappoined with the lore in this latest Craftworld Codex? We didn’t even get a Map, whilst every other faction has gotten one, and I was really looking forward to knowing where the Craftworlds were meant to be at the moment.

Also the minor Craftworlds literally just each got a recycled paragraph, but in the preview of the Tyranid Codex every single minor Hive Fleet’s getting a whole page and mini-timeline, and it feels like every single Craftworld is just becoming Iyanden, with Ulthwe being Damned and Biel-tan being half-down, it just feels like there’s barely a difference between Iyanden and the others now.

Saim-hann’s like the only Craftworld who’s lore isn’t just ‘they die a lot and suck’ and their seemed to be almost no post Gathering Storm Fluff. I don’t know I was just really disappointed, particularly cause 7th ed Craftworld Codex sucked crartworld much in lore terms, not crunch I was coeex there’d start to be a change. At least the Tyranid Codex looks nice. Oh I agree, I wish Orks would get more stuff too, I really don’t see why they couldn’t have let Grukk win on Alaric, I hate how Orks are always losing or just being used to show off someone else.

Its just I’m only talking about Eldar here, but I feel you craftqorld on the Ork side. We have Harlequins suicidally assaulting the Golden Throne to “peacefully deliever a message”. I feel like GMUK being awesome is the only ork plotline, though. Well, the fracture is about the Eldar losing one of their most powerful Craftworld, and Yvraine dies a couple of times since, so I mean; Avatars of Khaine always suck, Farseers always get their predictions wrong, Craftworlds get ocdex rekt by small attack forces and even Eldrad loses in Death Masque.

Itt gets kinda depressing. Well he did still lose, they just made it that what he didn’t know is that a shard of Ynnead was enough to make Yvraine. But I mean he still failed to predict a single squad of Death Watch or defeat them, despite being cgaftworld Craftworld Big Kahuna and, they say, one of the strongest Psykers ever. Just wish that Plot Armour got spread out a little bit more evenly between the factions!

That’s part of my problem, I expect them to at least get shilled hard in their own stories, like Space Marines do, but even in their own stories they tend to just suck. I think Paths is the best example for that since it takes one of the five most powerful Craftworlds in the Galaxy and says that a small crusade with a single Chapter could destroy it!

Like that seems totally at odds with the Battle of Blood Nebula or Rasilena or everything that’s been said on Craftworlds before. And in Jain Zar Eldrad just looks like a colossal moron. They don’t even let Jain Zar beat a Greater Daemon fair and square but Primarchs go around choking Avatars of Khaine to death somehow and beating Ann’ggrath!


Sorry I just get so frustrated with it. The Invaders were almost annihilated when they destroyed Idhare in the 5e codex, now even Ulthwe could fall to a similar assault? Honestly the fact that a single Space Marine Chapter could wipe out an entire Craftworld has always been a bit disheartening to me, particularly since when Alaitoc attacks them for revenge they can’t even finish them off.

Alaitoc is codec made of fail sadly. Any two-bit chapter master with an Inverted Omega stamped on his shoulder can smack aeon old greater daemons like a misbehaving child. To be fair its hardly an Ultramarine only thing. Ghazghkull got beat by the Dark Angels, Dante chopped Skarbrand in half, Space Wolves beat Imotekh and crafworld a successful rescue from Commorragh and defeated Magnus twice and beat Grukk. Avatars also die to about everyone sadly. I wish GW would put more emphasis on the xenos factions I get its mostly about Chaos and Primaris but some more love and attention would be good!

Much like elves in fantasy, the Eldar seem to only exist to be the snotty, superior race that gets shat on just to demonstrate how bad the situation is with some event or threat.

Hopefully there will be some more lore with the ynarri i’m craftorld i spelt that wrong but i can’t be assed to change it codex but the covex would be its might not be much to do with craftworlders.

Yeah, I mean, it won’t craftword Craftworld Fluff, which is a bummer, but I hope there will eventually be something on the Ynnari. I mostly do Ynnari just cause of Soul Burst, so it’d be nice for some detail to them. I know I read a lot that their only role so far is helping the Imperium and Crafyworld hoping we eventually get some stories where they don’t just play second fiddle to the Marines like everyone always does. Crafrworld said itself that after the Gathering Storm series they’re going to catch a breather with regards to advancing the setting until the next coeex event”.

OP bringing up stuff like a map of what’s currently going on means OP is not asking for advancement so much as just more effort writing about what’s already “happened”. Remember the Maps for like the Death Guard and Astra Militarum ones came with those pointers where they described codec major ongoing war efforts and where they were taking place. Something like that, explaining what the Craftworlds are currently undergoing, and how its playing out for them, rather than just blurbs telling us they are the ‘X’ Craftworld for the umpteenth time.

It just felt to me like, other than Saim-Hann, all I really learned is that now Ulthwe and Biel-tan are both just becoming copies of Iyanden. Which kinda gets boring. The other commenter thinks you mean “advancing the setting” as in moving the date forward. I do not mean that! I just mean giving them stuff to do, fluff accomplishments, like Ultramarines beating a Waaagh and at the same time conquering three of the Tartella worlds, or Imperial Fists taking Ironhold, Indomitus Crusade, that stuff, still set in the same period round about but giving them more than ‘they are X they are losing a lot’ is all I mean.

Sorry for any confusion! Just feels like there’s a lack of substance in the Craftworld Codex compared to the others, particularly the Nid one, but maybe its just me. He isn’t saying it needs to advance more, but that there needs cfaftworld be more substance information in general and less ‘well these guys just kind of suck apparently’. Yeesh, so the stuff on 1d4chans codwx 8th ed page is all there is?


I was expecting some insane feats from the Phoenix Lords where they save the day. It might be too cynical, but I think GW crzftworld do another subcodex supplement thing like with Iyanden, but for all the Craftworlds.


That might be why there’s such a saddening lack of good lore. I mean I’d take annymore lore that I could! But I just don’t really think that’s likely at this point unfortunately. I was just ready to write a whine post about eldar lore but you beat me to it! Srsly the whole “near the brink of craftworl thing is fine and all but just expand on it.

Gathering storm was a dissapointment for me. Too many informations, so little details.

You’re spot on the “every single Craftworld is just becoming Iyanden”. Just give some love Gw, a little bit of it. The problem for me is the lack of time taken to show anything but one facet.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

All Eldar things are just bleeding together into the exact same thing; they are all dead, they all lose and they are all like Iyanden. For crying out loud they actually emphasize in the new Codex that Biel-tan now also has massive Wraith armies. Apparently, Lugganath managed to transition to the webway, that’s progression for my craftworld! It’s my interpretation of the new fluff paragraph on Lugganath. Before, they were looking for a webway portal to take the craftworld in the webway.

Either way that’s fine, I guess I jus interpreted it differently, thanks for pointing it out! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? Seriously, it feels like nobody gives a shit at GW about Eldar besides producing the army rules. Octarius War should get some serious love at minimum. I dunno, just wish Eldar got to do more than losing like almost all the time. But yeah it would be nice to have some lore love for a change. O Do you know on which page its said?

Right, isn’t that just the same wording used before though?